Seven7s From Eagle Games This June

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Apr 202015




The magic number 7 holds meanings, powers and coincidences dating back to the dawn of time. In Seven7s you have the powers of 7 of the most famous 7s in history. Use these powers carefully to defeat your opponents.


Each player has a hand of 3 cards throughout the game. Each turn players will play 1 card to the 7 columns and then redraw to 3 cards at the end of their turn.


When one of the 7 columns is full of 7 cards the game ends and the player holding the most points wins.


Through thoughtful card play wielding the powers of 7, players vie to strengthen their hands while diminishing the hands of their opponents. Perhaps 7’s and 6’s are reduced to no value through the Ages of Man; or, all Indigo cards are now valued at 7 because of the Colors of the Rainbow power. Maybe you are forced to discard your most valuable card by the 7 Deadly Sins or your opponent’s appeal to the Lucky Gods garners him some bonus victory points.


Play is quick with lots of surprises. Do you have what it takes to harness the powers of the Seven7s or has your luck run out?


2-4 players

Ages 7+

20 minute play time



1 Rule Sheet

49 Cards

4 Quick Reference cards


Railways of Great Britain

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Jul 202013

Railways of Great BritainRailways of Great Britain


Railways of Great Britain is an exciting new expansion for the Railways of the World board gaming system, featuring a board of Great Britain! You will need the pieces from Railways of the World (track, city tiles, bonds, money, empty city markers, trains and first player marker) to play Railways of Great Britain. It is mid-19th century Great Britain. The tramways that first appeared to transport coal have since been upgraded to railways. Numerous different companies (using different railway gauges) have connected to villages, towns and cities across the country. Invest wisely and guide your railroad to financial success as you take control of the Railways of Great Britain.


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Railways of North America

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Jul 172013

Railways of North AmericaRailways of North America


Railways of North America is an exciting new expansion for the Railways of the World board gaming system, featuring a Canadian board! This new Canadian map introduces new features — Mines and Ferry Lines — using cards that start out on the table from the onset, and can be claimed anytime (just like Railroad Operations cards) for the right price! As an added bonus, the RONA expansion includes the long-awaited rules for the Transcontinental Game of ROTW — players use the Eastern US (and Mexico if they wish) map from Railways of the World AND the Western US map from the Railways of the Western US expansion, combining them to make a MEGA MAP and provide a MEGA GAME playing experience!


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Railways Express

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Jul 152013

Railways ExpressRailways Express


Railways Express is a new dice-rolling race game. Travel around the USA and parts of southern Canada and northern Mexico learning elements of the mechanics used in the popular Railways of the World board gaming system! Be the first to build track linking all 4 cities of your color to win! By linking cities with track, you are awarded re-roll cubes (and possibly cards), giving you strategic options for the routes you plan and the cities you link to reach your goal. This game is accessible to both younger players and yet totally enjoyable for seasoned veterans of the series.

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