Jul 032015

In this interview with Jim Samartino, from Everything Epic Games we discuss Secrets of the Lost Tomb. This includes Kickstarter fulfillment, game mechanics and Gen Con.

They have a lot of cool things planned for Gen Con.

Jul 012015

In this interview Pat from Mantic Games we chat about Kings of War 2nd Ed., Dungeon Sag, and Gen Con.  Actually most of what we discussed was Gen Con.  Mantic has a lot going on this year, here’s a list:

  • Dread Ball Regional event – winner plays at Adepticon plus we talked a little about a world Champ!
  • Deadzone events
  • Clash of Kings
  • Mars attacks
  • Demos at the booth
  • Preorder Dungeon Saga and walk away with Legendary Mortibris.  Details, offer ends July 31st (Friday of Gen Con)
  • Mantic Night at the Colts Grill – Stop by  have a beer and a burger and play a game with Ronnie!

I am so excited about this it’s not even funny.


Here is the interview.

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May 222015

Welcome to our Road to Gen Con page.  This is where we will post any information for you.  This is the first time I have ever done this so if you have any suggestions or additions you would like to see – let me know.  It’s a little bare right now, but it should start to grow fast.  Please sign up for our newsletter , it will include as much Gen Con information as I can pop into a letter.


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