Dec 312016

In this Play Through Review Matt demonstrates the good and bad about  Bomb Squad.

This is the first gam I have ever played with a revealed hand mechanic and I like the way Tasty Minstrel Games worked it in.

Apr 262016

Watch as Matt opes up Bomb Squad from Tasty minstrel Games.  In Bomb Squad 2-6 players cooperatively work together piloting a robot to disarm bombs and rescue hostages.

Coming to soon a Bomb Squad review!

Jan 252014

Captains of Industry



Use your best business acumen to come out on top and show the world that you are a true Captain of Industry!


As a captain of industry in the suitably titled game Captains of Industry, you will vie for domination in the cutthroat arena of the marketplace. To do this, you will:


-Build facilities to control supply.

– Develop real estate to manipulate demand.

-Invest in technology to increase efficiency.

-Complete hidden agendas to secure your legacy.

-Undercut the competition to dominate the marketplace!


You will depend on your opponents to fuel your expansion as they exploit your production for theirs. Supply and demand are king in this player-driven marketplace!


3-5 players

Ages 13+


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May 152013

Kings of Air and Steam

$59.95 SRP


Early in the 20th Century, modern factories crank out goods like clockwork. Race your mighty but unstable airship to pick up cargo and haul it through the clouds to depots safely outside city limits. Then hustle the most valuable shipments by train into the cities that want them, satisfying demand and racking up profits! Simple, right? Now do it faster, cheaper, and smarter than everyone else. If you can build the strongest network of air and steam, and produce the cash to show for it, you’ll deserve to be crowned the King of Air and Steam!


2-6 players

Ages 13+

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