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One Night Revolution Review

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Sep 032015

Okay, Imagine this. You are a revolutionary in a dystopian future. The the government is run by a massive monopoly of corrupt corporations bent on using the population as an easy source of income to satisfy their corrupt and greedy desires. You have put together an elite team that you not only believe is capable of overthrowing said government, but have also earned your implicit trust. But… one day, the evening before the revolution is set to take place you learn that one or more of you is in fact an informant for the government! However could you have missed it? Who could it possibly be?

Or was it you all along…

This is the plot behind Indie Boards and Cards newest release One Night Revolution. A fifteen minute social deduction game for three to ten players which mixes the theme and ideals of The Resistance with the chaotic card swapping mechanics of One Night Ultimate Werewolf. If you have not played either of these games, I highly recommend you check them out. I will proceed with the game explanation assuming you have not played either of these, and review the game on it’s own merit. Though I will make references to those games near the end of the review during the opinion segment. If you already know how the game is played, feel absolutely free to skip to the opinion portion of this review.

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Meet Our New Writer

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Aug 142015


I suppose at the end of the day, tabletop board games are a form of entertainment. They allow us to exercise our minds. They make us smarter and more creative. They allow us to build cities and nations, participate in a revolution or explore the vastness of time and space. They even allow us to lie and cheat and win in grand moments of theater while your friends sit there in awe of your apparently new-found ability to bluff. It’s amazing what a few cards, some cardboard and a few plastic bits can achieve. That is what I love about games. The level of pure, unadulterated, personal interaction and immersion that is possible to achieve through games with relatively simple rules, beautiful artwork and clever mechanics is nowhere to be found in any other form of entertainment. So yes, at the end of the day, tabletop games are simply a form of entertainment, but I can not imagine a better form it could take.

I should introduce myself. My name is Andy and I am very excited to be part of Through Gamer Goggles as board game reviewer. I hope to do as much justice to and the games that I review as I possibly can. I have a many obsessions in my life. This should allow me to effectively vent two of them; board games and writing. I truly hope you guys will enjoy my articles and if you do, you can look forward to hearing from me a lot more often in the future in both written and video form. Please look forward to my first review coming up very soon. The GenCon pre-release
One Night Revolution by Indie Boards and Cards. Thanks guys, and go out there and play some games!


Linko review by Matt From Through Gamer Goggles.

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May 302015

This is my Review of Linko.  Linko is a card game, from Ravenburger Games, that just about anyone can play.  It’s nominated for an Origins Award.

I didn’t know what to expect from this, but it’s one of those light games that you can easily find refreshing.

Abyss From Asmodee in October

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Sep 282014




Internal unrest brews among the court of the Abyss. The warlike Crabs bring chaos against the wise mages of the Jellyfish while the merchant Shellfish wage trade wars against the insidious Squid politicians. Can you recruit the allies you need to master the lords of the Abyss? Venture to Abyss, where players must battle monsters, recruit allies, and sway the great lords of the deep. The right hand of ally cards will let you control the lords who will help you seize the kingdoms of the Abyss. Be careful of your foes, though, because treachery abounds in the lands under the sea!


Abyss is a game of development, combination and collection in which players try to take control of strategic locations in an underwater city. To achieve this, players must develop on three levels: first by collecting allies, then using them to recruit Lords of the Abyss, who will then grant access to different parts of the city. Players acquire cards through a draft of sorts, and the Lords of the Abyss acquired on those cards grant special powers to the cardholder but once you use the cards to acquire a location, that power is shut off, so players need to time their land grabs well in order to put themselves in the best position for when the game ends.

Box Breaking 136 Love Letter from AEG

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Sep 222014

Take a look at Love Letter from AEG.  This will probably be a short look there is only about 20 components and that includes the bag.   Love Letter won the best family game at Origins.


It’s an amazing Game

Love Letter from AEG review

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Sep 012014

I was introduced to Love Letter at Origins 2014, where it won an award for best family game. Honestly if it weren’t for Jason Hardy I wouldn’t have given the game a first look. I mean what kind of game has only 16 cards? Well Love Letter does, and it does it well.


Annette-317x600The object of the game is that each player is trying to have a love letter delivered to the princess who’s grieving the loss of the queen. The princess wants nothing to do with society and has locked herself in the tower.


At the start of the game each player has one card in hand. At the start of a player’s turn they draw a card and play one. When a card is played the written effect is triggered. At the end of the round the player with the highest card value is the winner of the round and receives a marker indicating a letter has been delivered to the princess. The game rounds continue until one player has a predetermined number of letters delivered. The number of letters is set by the number of players.


It doesn’t sound like much does it? It doesn’t take long for a player to realize that if they don’t count and use logic they’ll lose. Then it hits you to bluff and it really begins. The combination of bluffing and deduction keeps the players engaged the whole game. There is no waiting to do something because you’re too busy studying your opponents.


I really thought that Love Letter was going to be a loser, but it turns out to be a winner largely because you don’t play the game, you play the players.


Numenera: Technnology Compendium

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Aug 102014

Numenera: Technnology Compendium

$39.99 SRP


The namesake of the entire game line, the “numenera” are artifacts, oddities, and little bits of almost magic-like technology left to the Ninth World by a billion years of previous civilizations. Now the Ninth World’s foremost expert, the redoubtable (though perhaps not entirely sane) Sir Arthour, brings nearly 1,000 new items to the Numenera gaming table!


The Technology Compendium contains 400 new cyphers, 225 new artifacts, and 300 new oddities. For the players, it introduces a new race: the artificial intelligence. And it includes extensive GM advice on integrating incredibly advanced technologies into your game.

Box Breaking 105 Heroes of Metro City from 3 Some Games

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Aug 042014

Matt Takes a look at the contents of Heroes of Metro City.  The super hero card game that allows players to make the hero each time they play.  Brought to us by 3 Some Games.



Learn more about Heroes of Metro City at Game Salute.

Final Hours for Through Gamer Goggles Gen Con Media Coverage on Kickstarter

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Jul 192014

Gen con 014Our relaunched Kickstarter has been funded largely because of what our first attempt taught us.  Even though our first project was a complete bomb it has been a great ride.  Gosh, I really don’t know how much to bore you here with our experience, so I’m just going to jump into the current project that is much more exciting.   I may touch upon some of the lessons we experienced.

Our current project was funded in just under 24 hours.  Why? Because we discarded all of the promotional items that inflated the funding goal.  This was the secret to our success.   We still have a T-shirt, but we felt the backers who were major contributors needed something more than just the media coverage.  All of our backers are major supporters, by the way, the average daily contribution has been about $70.  We can’t thank you enough for that!

For those of you that have backed this project, I’m not sure if you can see what you’re a part of.   The effort you’ve put forth has opened so many doors and taught me so many things it’s not funny.  Our blog and social media has increased nearly 30% in the last fourteen days, and that is because you have motivated me.  My eyes have been opened, because of you, to what the essence of Through Gamer Goggles  media truly is.  Back to that in a minute.

I believe I will have published 300 videos before Gen Con 2015.  That’s over 100 a year, plus reviews, radio shows, and release information.  Through Gamer Goggles is a happening place.  We offer a tremendous amount of content, but I have failed you.  I have failed because the vision or essence of what is Through Gamer Goggles wasn’t realized until we attempted to fund this successful project.  Through Gamer Goggles (TGG) was born with the vision of blending or balancing our gaming worlds with our real lives.  Not only is that a monumental task but it has proven to be a very difficult one.  Especially since very early on, I became nearly overwhelmed with the processing of game reviews.  But this project has made me realize that I have failed at reflecting my personality in the content.  I mean, I’m one of the most passionate gamers you’ll ever meet.  I go out of my way for the gaming community as a whole by organizing events, judging, and blogging.   I probably know hundreds if not thousands of gamers from such experiences.   So where am I going with all this?   The Gen Con Media project has kind of brought all of this to a head.  I have realized that I want to take a very different approach to media.  We have always been a part of the community and have run events for manufacturers (since 2000), but I don’t think it was enough to make me happy.  Now, you are a part of what we do!  That is the change that I was missing before.  More than ever Through Gamer Goggles is about blending our lives with our gaming world.  Which really means connecting with the gaming community in a unique way.  We’re committed to bridging the gap from manufacturer to gamer by being involved with you!  One of the results will be more of my super stunning personality as we continue to grow.  This will include everything we have done in the past plus more demonstration content and regular radio shows.  I might be rambling so onward to excitement!

The Project is all about going to Gen Con and having a blast with you.  There are some really cool concepts we are trying to do.

The Photo Tier – every backer gets their picture taken and more.

The Coupon Book – Every backer of $20 or more will receive a coupon book (similar to the convention book but smaller).  Currently we’re working with these great companies:

  • Academy Games – Kickstarter exclusive items available from Freedom, Rebellion, and Conflict of Heroes, more details to come. Priceless!
  • Adventure a Week – one month free. Worth about $10.
  • DGS Games – Details Pending
  • Hawk Wargames – Spend X dollars (amount to be determined) and receive a bonus mini.
  • Mr. B. Games
  • And the guys from Pure Steam are offering  free music with the purchase of their alternate Pathfinder setting

This is easily worth the $20.

Coffee with the crew – just as it sounds.

The coolest goal is a backer party.  Basically this will be a dinner where all are invited to have a meal at a yet to be determined location.  I have my eyes set on a steak house.   But we will see what happens.  It would be great for all of us to be in the same place at the same time to share our experiences and just get to know each other.

To celebrate our last hours I have come up with some unique ideas.

BoxRender_STE_ForgedInFire-Small-for-Web-Site-InsertionThe first is a backer give away.   For every ten new backers we get from now until the end of the campaign we will give out prizes to a randomly chosen backer. We are currently at 17 backers, so the prize thresholds are 27, 37, and 47.   I currently have 3 prizes to give away:  Combat Barbarossa 1941 German Infantryman Versus Soviet Rifleman from Osprey Publishing,  Scoundrels of Skullport from GF9, and a signed copy of Forged in Fire for Mage Wars.

Second, I have decided to add another stretch goal – a scavenger hunt.  This will be a simple game.  It will involve backers of any pledge level to run around the exhibitors hall and do things like play games and other neat things.   How dumb is that?   At the end of the day we will meet up and have a drawing to award a daily prize.  So far we have two Mage Wars Core Set and a copy of Forged in Fire from Arcane Wonders.   That is two days of dashing from game to game.   Who knows, we may create some other wacky ideas beyond game hunting.  In either case it will be a lot of fun.

Like I said the Kickstarter is a door opener.  It has started several new friendships, given us new direction and realization.  While we’ve focused on Box Breakings, Figure Forges, Flip Throughs, and written reviews, you’re going to see more engagement from us.   Beyond that we are going to strive to connect the manufacturers with you in an engaging way, while we continue to push the pace into news and media in exciting ways.   Will we be perfect?  No, but we have already proven that we learn from our mistakes, and that result means we will see you at Gen Con 2014 AND at Gen Con 2015!   My only question is will you be part of our future?


Matt Lemke



Flip Through Bastards of Golarion from Paizo Publishing

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Jun 052014

bastards of GolarionIn this Flip through Matt Takes a look at the Bastards of Golarion.  This book gives you several options to round out your half raced characters.  They have everything in here from random charts to a guide on using the half race guide.



You can learn more at Paizo.
Bastards of Golarion



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