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Countdown to Gen Con T-7 and Counting Telestrations After Dark

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Jul 222015

I’m actually pretty excited about this game, here is the manufacturer description.


Our favorite party game is all grown up. Telestrations After Dark is the adults only version of the #1 LOL party game Telestrations. Draw what you see then guess what you saw for hilarious, weird, irresponsible and just plain wrong outcomes. Telestrations After Dark is “adults only” miscommunication at its best!

Ages 17+ | 4-8 Players | MSRP: $29.95


With that said I’ve been playing Telestrations pretty much since it’s conception.  I can only imagine what an adult version means.  I’m sure it’s done with great taste and style.  I find this to be one of the most intriguing releases of the year.  I only hope that as a reinvented game it doesn’t stray from it’s origin too much!

Risk: Game of Thrones from USAopoly

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Jul 092015

riskRisk: Game of Thrones

$74.95 SRP


Game of Thrones RISK, based on the epic HBO series, features two ways to play, including factions of noble Houses vying for control of Westeros during the time of The War of the Five Kings, as well as Daenerys Targaryen’s rise to power in Essos.


Game contents include:

2 separate game board maps: Westeros and Essos

315 Army Pieces represent noble Houses: Stark, Baratheon, Lannister, Martell, Tyrell, Targaryen and Ghiscari (generic soldier army piece represent 1 unit)

7 Seats of Power represent noble houses

7 Player Boards represent noble houses

188 Cards include Territory, Objective, Character and Maester cards

63 Special Unit tokens

75 Gold Dragon coins

9 Dice


Doctor Who Clue from USAopoly

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Apr 152015

drClue: Doctor Who



Doctor Who Clue places your favorite characters on a search through the Universe to rescue The Doctor. Playing as his closest friends and allies, players must reveal who amongst them the Daleks conditioned and mind-controlled to mislead the Doctor, what powerful weapon was used in the crime, and where The Doctor has been taken in the kidnapping, thereby saving him from the Daleks!

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TacDex: Super Mario Brothers from USAopoly

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Feb 022015

super marrioTacDex: Super Mario Brothers


TacDex uses gameplay similar to well-known card game War, with players revealing cards simultaneously to try to claim cards owned by the opponent, but a battle marker determines whether a high or low card wins a particular battle and players each have special action cards to add new twists to the conflict.

In the Super Mario Brothers edition, players duel to the finish with their favorite Super Mario characters.

2 players

Ages 8+



Two 47-card Battle Decks (Heroes vs. Villains)

One Battle Marker

One Rule sheet

Boxbreaking 150 Firefly Clue

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Nov 242014

In this Box Breaking Matt takes a look at Firefly Clue.  In this crazy alternate version of Clue from USAopoly  you can play any of your favorite characters from the Firefly crew.   It is your duty to figure out who took River.

I can;t wait to play this over the holidays.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Monopoly

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Nov 012014

tmntMonopoly: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Collector’s Edition


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 30th Anniversary Edition follows our favorite turtle heroes as they battle their way through 22 of the most notorious villains in the turtle world!


Includes 6 custom vinyl tokens:  Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael, Splinter and Casey Jones as well as custom sculpted Pizza Slices for the Houses, and Pizza Pies for the hotels.


2-6 players

Ages 8+

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Yahtzee: Dr. Who from USAopoly

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Nov 252012

Yahtzee: Dr. Who

Release Date: Nov 2012

$ 24.95

The Doctor Who Collector’s Edition of Yahtzee allows fans and collectors to roll custom dice featuring classic monsters from a custom TARDIS shaped dice cup and score through classic Yahtzee game play.



•Collectible dice cup in the shape of the TARDIS

•Five custom dice feature iconic Doctor Who foes

•Custom score pad

•Licensed by the BBC Benefits:

•Highly collectible Doctor Who dice cup shaped like the TARDIS

•A must-have game for Doctor Who fans to play just in time for the 50th anniversary!

•Terrific Doctor Who collectible showpiece to display

•Fans can enjoy America’s #1 dice game with friends and family

•Perfect gift for any occasion (birthdays, holidays)

When it comes right down to it this is an oldie but a goody USAopoly remakes all those old favorites with up to date themes. Who doesn’t need a new copy of those old favorites mixed with the new favorites?

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Monopoly: Marvel Universe

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Sep 062012

Monopoly: Marvel Universe

$ 39.99 SRP

6 collectible Marvel-themed tokens. Custom game board features rare, collectible comic books that are bought and sold to control the ultimate Marvel comic book collection. Experience the action and excitement of classic Marvel comic books featuring artwork from Marvel’s vast publishing library as you buy, sell, and trade your way to the most valued collection.

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