Jun 252013

catalyst-logoRandall discusses his gaming history with us and shares some juicy information on some of the upcoming releases, like Sprawl Gangers, Hostile Takeover and Crossfire for Catalyst Game Labs.  I hope you enjoy what he has to say.



Visit Catalyst Game Labs to learn more about their games.

Jun 242013

catalyst-logoLoren Chats with us about an intense amount of gaming goodness.   Some highlights are the story behind his ownership of Catalyst, his induction into the Hall of fame, and future releases.  The releases include crossfire, Hostile Takeover, and Shadorun 5th ed just to name a few.

You can visit Catalyst to learn more about their products.

Jun 242013

MERCS_logoWe had the chance to talk with the MERCS Miniatures team at Origins Game Fair 2013.  They share some more information about MERCS and Myth.  Plus the give us an inside scoop on the MERCS roleplaying Game, their boardgame, and the MERCS dice game.


You can visit MERCS to learn more about MERCS Miniature, Myth and their upcoming IP’s.


Later this week we will have our testimonies on the Myth experience.

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Jun 202013

1We had the chance to talk with Benji from Action Games miniatures while at Origins 2013.   He gives us a quick overview of Drake the Dragon Wargame and a demo of how combat works.  For those of you that missed it Drake was a recently successful Kickstarter project.  I fell in love with their minis as soon as I saw the pictures.



I will admit my camera work could be better butt it was one take and all impromptu.  You can learn more about Drake the Dragon Wargame at Action Miniatures Games.

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