Attack on Titan Deck-Building Game

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Sep 012016

war questtAttack on Titan Deck-Building Game


The last human city is under attack by giant, fearsome Titans and it’s up to your team to stop them! Based on the action from the world-renown Attack on Titan anime and manga series, you and your fellow players will battle relentless Titans for humanity’s very survival in this cooperative deck-building game. Collect the weapons and tactics you need, then test your mettle on the wall before it’s too late.


Play as Eren, Mikasa, Armin and many others as you struggle to keep the Titans at bay. New to this Cerberus Engine game is movement. The location of your Hero in the game area matters. Protect the walls or watch them crumble. But do not lose hope, no matter the odds and no matter who among you falls to the onslaught. It may soon be up to you to land the killing blow that will turn the tide of battle…

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Gen Con 2016 Coverage 6:Words With Loren Coleman of Catalyst Game Labs

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Aug 092016

Loren and I chat about the house of Kurita. Plus some of the other new things they are about to unroll. He also hints what the Kurita Combat manual is about. Plus he tells us about the campaign operations manual – it’s plug n play! He also explains some of the mechanics that set the new Valiant deck builder apart from other card games.

Thanks Loren, It’s always fun talking with you.

May 242016

Odin’s Ravens from Osprey Games is a race around the world.  It uses card to create an environment where outwitting your opponent may be the only way to win.  It takes seconds to learn and only minutes to play.

Would you believe the simplicity of this game is pretty complicated?  Well, the tactics that can be created certainly are, and you can out think yourself.

Box Breaking 180 Kabuki

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Apr 182016

Kabuki, By Iello, is a game of memory with a twist.  Memorize where masks are placed and Score points by making matches.

Look for  a play through review soon.


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Box Breaking 179 Odin’s Ravens

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Apr 112016

Matt takes his first look at Odin’s Ravens.  On the video I said the game had a bgg rank of 150.  The information given to me was incorrect, it’s currently ranked 850.  Anyway it’s a game about racing around the world using a card driven mechanic.

I have played it half a dozen times now and I can’t believe how close the games have been.

Box Breaking 170 Dark Gothic Colonial Horror

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Oct 052015

In This Box Breaking Matt Takes a look at Dark Gothic Colonial Horror.  The stand alone expansion for the Dark Gothic deck building game from Flying Frog Productions.

Our friends at the Frog have added some interesting mechanics that I’m looking forward to.

Words with Arcane Wonders @ Gen Con 2015

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Aug 082015

I talk with Jerome about the Paladin and siren set,
Royals, City of Gears and Mage Wars academy, oh plus Onitama.