Box Breaking 218: Dragonfire from Catalyst Game Labs

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Aug 292017

In this Box Breaking Matt takes a look at the new deck builder from Catalyst Game Labs – Dragonfire.  In Dragon fire a party of adventurers cooperatively go on quests for fame, fortune and honor. No really we just get together for some fun!

Dragonfire is my favorite Gen Con release this year.  I am working on the review stop back in a few days to get the scoop.

Box Breaking 170 Dark Gothic Colonial Horror

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Oct 052015

In This Box Breaking Matt Takes a look at Dark Gothic Colonial Horror.  The stand alone expansion for the Dark Gothic deck building game from Flying Frog Productions.

Our friends at the Frog have added some interesting mechanics that I’m looking forward to.

Sep 012014

ShuffleTech is the first time I have ever seen High quality sleeves paired with sleeve inserts at a reasonable – no great price.



When I start playing MtG again, hopefully soon, I will consider these for protection.

High Command from Privateer Press

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Jul 062013

high commWM: High Command

$44.99 SRP


The fires of continent-spanning war engulf western Immoren, forging great leaders in a crucible of conflict. Bold commanders orchestrate grand strategies and daring battlefield tactics, their actions bringing glorious victory or the despair of final defeat.Do you have the courage and cunning to lead your forces to ultimate triumph? Take command and muster the military might of an entire nation to conquer the Iron Kingdoms!


WARMACHINE High Command is a deck-building card game for 2-4 players set in the steam-powered fantasy world of the Iron Kingdoms. This stand-alone game can be played with just the contents of this box or combined with other WARMACHINE High Command products for a customizable experience. Leverage your resources, rally your armies, and dominate your foes to set your banner above all of western Immoren!


This box contains game rules and 386 cards, including:

89 Cygnar cards               89 Cryx cards

89 Khador cards               89 Protectorate of Menoth cards

15 Winds of War cards   15 Location cards

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Marvel Legendary Deck Building Game from Upper Deck

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Nov 262012

Marvel Legendary Deck Building Game

Coming Soon

$ 59.99 

Marvel Deck Building Game Game consists of nearly 600 cards, Full color Game board & Color Rule Book Like the Avengers or X-Men, players build their own super-team of spectacular Marvel superheroes, including Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine, Hulk, and Thor! Players create their own powerful combos on the fly, combining their heroes’ awesome abilities to take down nasty Marvel supervillains like Venom and Mystique. Over the course of the game, recruit increasingly powerful Hero cards to add to your deck, building a stronger and stronger deck of the ultimate Marvel Superhero combinations. Easy to learn, with fast-paced gameplay. Features incredible original artwork of Marvel heroes and villains. Innovative “Mastermind” mechanics allow the game itself to fight back against the players: If players aren’t careful, villainous Marvel masterminds like Magneto, Loki, and Dr. Doom threaten to accomplish dark schemes and defeat all the players at once!

Any chance to play a marvel game I’m in and Upper Deck has made it into a Deck Building game Bonus.

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Core Worlds: Galactic Orders from Stronghold Games

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Nov 112012

Core Worlds: Galactic Orders

Release Date: Nov 2012

$ 34.95

In Core Worlds: Galactic Orders – the first expansion to Core Worlds, the deck-building card game of intergalactic conquest – players begin to forge alliances with the six Galactic Orders, powerful organizations that have maintained their independence in the midst of a crumbling empire. These Orders consist of the Galactic Senate, the Science Guild, the Merchant Alliance, the Mining Coalition, the Order of Knighthood, and the Mystic Brotherhood. The Galactic Orders expansion focuses on these six independent organizations and their influence upon a galaxy at war. Each Galactic Order is represented on the table by a large Galactic Order card that specifies the special power associated with that Order, and each player starts with 20 Faction Tokens that match the Faction symbols on their Starting Decks. Whenever a player deploys a Unit or plays a Tactic with a Galactic Order icon on it, he gets to place his Faction Token onto the corresponding Galactic Order card. Players must choose between leaving their Faction Tokens on the Galactic Order cards to score points at the end of the game, or removing their Faction Tokens in order to use the unique special powers associated with each Order.

I know I’m new to this Deck Building scene but I think this one sounds tactile enough to be real fun check it out along with loads of other games at Stronghold Games and see what you think.