Jun 112012

Force on Force is a modern day skirmish game that has no standard line for its models.  In other words it is just a set of rules.  I had tha opportunity to play a quick game at Origins Game fair and I thought I would  share what I learned before I do the book review.  This is not in any way a complete game review and it is important you know that because you can only get so much out of a demo.

I was a little leery of the fact that there is not a miniatures line to go with the game.  After playing the game I am really starting to like the fact that you can proxy your models for your force.  It does two thing for me.  It saves money, and it makes it easy to play any force I want.  Those are important to me.

Force on Force is a simple game to pick up that allows you to apply tactics.  Which is a seemingly unique quality in a skirmish game in our current trending.  It was nice to play a game that wasn’t dependent on simple tricks and gimmicks to win a battle, or a game that requires the player to go first in order to win.  that isn’t the feel I received from playing the demo at all.

The rules are a little different though, well the dice mechanic is.  The system is set up so that different levels of units use different dice.   For example, using a popular motif for labeling units, core troop would use a d6 for their skill rolls while elite troops would be assigned a d8.    The basic concept is the bigger the die the better the troop.  On the flipside though the smaller the die the more likely you are to roll any given number.  For example, you have a 25% chance of rolling a 1,2,3, or a 4 on a d4.  The dice and type of unit are cross referenced  on charts to determine effects.  The other thing that I thought was cool wounded models have a chance of standing back up on their next turn.

If I was to base my opinion of Force on Force entirely on the demo it is certainly worth trying.  I did pick up a copy of the rules to review.  I hope to have it read by the end of next week and a book review written shortly after.



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The Dragon Lord Van by Ed Beard JR

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Jun 102012

This van is truly one of a kind and displays Ed’s passion for fantasy art.  Ed Spent 900 hours on this masterpiece.  Enjoy as Ed tells the story or stories that inspired the Dragon Lord Van.



It was a real pleasure seeing this van in person.  I hope in a year or two I can afford one.

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Jun 082012

In this video John demonstrates the Game Mechanics used in Freeblades. He specifically touches on casting a spell, ranged combat, and close combat.  Freeblades is a fantasy based skirmish game that uses a variety of dice in its system.  The models use dice based on their “caste”.  For example a minion/henchman uses a d4 while heroes use a d12.  I am pretty much sold on the system.


The Freeblades miniature line is not one that is intimidating either.  It has a lot of appeal to the experienced and the inexperienced painter.

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Looking Back at Origins 2012

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Jun 072012

Origins is always a crazy week for me.  Often it comes and goes before I even lay my head down, so it seems.   This year was no exception.  It was another full blown schedule and we added media coverage to the list this year.  I guess I ‘m a glutton for punishment.   My con went something like this.

I arrived in Columbus Ohio around noon only to find the off ramp I use is closed.  “Oh no,” I wondered, “is this a sign?”  Then I pulled off to see a boarded up building.  “Am I in the wrong part of town?” I thought.  About ten minutes later I parked my van and I was still alive.  Registration was a breeze.   I spent the rest of the day unloading the van, setting up terrain and waiting on Jason and Gerrit.

The plan with Jason and Gerrit was to play a game of Heavy Gear and display how well I knew the rules.   I was so educated, I may never graduate.  At least they prepared me for what was to come.

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Jun 062012

John is the Creative Director for  Soda Pop Miniatures.  It is safe to say that he is an Expert on Relic Knights.  Relic Knights is an alternate activation game that is a diceless system, and it could very well have the best looking figs on the Market.




I had the chance to watch Relic Knights at Gen Con last year, I was skeptical.  After listening to John explain things the demonstration made a lot more sense and I wan t to play.



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Soda Pop Miniatures John Cadice Talks about Super Dungeon Explore

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Jun 062012

Interview with John Cadice of Soda pop Miniatures talking about Super Dungeon Explore and its first expansion (Caverns of Rock Sore).  John Also does a Box breaking of the Basic Super Dungeon Explore game during this interview.

I am yet to pick up a copy of of Super Dungeon Explore, I think my boys will love it.   I have to get caught up on a few thing first, but  I can’t deny how good it looks.

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Jun 062012

Tom Meier is the CEO of DGS Games. DGS games has been making Freeblades miniatures for sometime now. What a lot of people didn’t know is that they have been play testing rules for their Freeblades miniature line. Join us while Tom talks a liittle bit about that process. By the way the rules are now available from dgsgames.com

I look forward to seeing many good things from this company.   We have one more video coming from the DGS crew, it is about Freeblades game play


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Jun 052012

Mage Wars®: The Customizable Card-Driven Tactical Board Game of Dueling Mages!

This is an Interview with the creative director and writer from Arcane Wonders. They discuss some background information on Mage Wars and explain what has been going on for the last two years. Then we move to a Mage Wars box review.





We should have have demo filmed of the first couple of turns for you in a couple of days.  I hope you enjoyed thathese guys tooks some time out of their very busy schedule for you.  Check them out on Facebook here.

Mage Wars is expected to release in August of 2012, from Arcane Wonders.

Thanks again.  Look forward to seeing you again at Gen Con.

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