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Origins is always a crazy week for me.  Often it comes and goes before I even lay my head down, so it seems.   This year was no exception.  It was another full blown schedule and we added media coverage to the list this year.  I guess I ‘m a glutton for punishment.   My con went something like this.

I arrived in Columbus Ohio around noon only to find the off ramp I use is closed.  “Oh no,” I wondered, “is this a sign?”  Then I pulled off to see a boarded up building.  “Am I in the wrong part of town?” I thought.  About ten minutes later I parked my van and I was still alive.  Registration was a breeze.   I spent the rest of the day unloading the van, setting up terrain and waiting on Jason and Gerrit.

The plan with Jason and Gerrit was to play a game of Heavy Gear and display how well I knew the rules.   I was so educated, I may never graduate.  At least they prepared me for what was to come.


The rest of the con was spent covering events and juggling media coverage.  With that said what did we accomplish?  Well, for our first year with the Convention Circuit we did pretty good.  We have three winners to announce for the 2013 Origins Cup events.

The Heavy Gear winner is Matt Johnson with 9 points.

The Rezolution winner is Skip Barroque with 6 points.

The Warmachine winner is Davis Casto with 3 points.

For more information on the con circuit you can visit us here.

And Our Tournament Winners were:

Heavy Gear Danny Desantis


Even with covering events I had some time to mingle with exhibitors.  It was really nice to set up some interviews at the show.   We managed to get some interviews in with DGS games, Soda Pop miniatures, Ed beard JR., Arcane Wonders, and Jason Dickerson, and that is on top of the press conferences for Felicia Day and Adrienne Wilkinison.   Plus we even have a couple of game demos filmed by the manufacturers.  I hope to have it all done by Saturday, not likely but I hope.

Now, that it is gone and I am about half way done with my work i can begin to reflect on the show.  From my point of view it was a good Origins.   I had the opportunity to meet with manufacturers and rub some elbows, which is always a plus.   I feel the experiences were beneficial to all parties.  I met with some old friends, and made some knew ones.   It seemed that he attendance wasn’t down as much as I thought it would be with many schools still in session.  So overall I will remember it with a positive note.  In fact the only thing I didn’t get to do was have a craft beer with Wil Wheaton.


I look forward to next year.  in fact I have already begun planning my evil agenda.

Rezolution Zac Shepard




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