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Rezolution Battle Report and Comments

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Feb 102015

I recently had the chance to teach Ryan Hale how to play Rezolution: a dark tomorrow.  Before watching the game here are his afterthoughts.

It was an interesting game where he played the APAC starter crew and I played the CSO.  We opted just to play a straight up firefight for his second game.  It’s basically a demo game.

I however, am a veteran of this game and well here are some of my thoughts.



I will be bringing you more on Rezolution and Warlands later this year.

Vatacina Confessor Preview from Gen Con 2012

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Aug 252012

One of the cooler thing I had the chance to see at Gen Con was the Vatacina Confessor.    One can only imaginne the craft powers he will bring to the table in Rezolution.  just look at him.  He stands on a rock worthy of Magneto.  He has a whip- no thoughts there.  But look at the hand, that is the Darth Vader choke if I have ever seen one.   Being a Rezolution player I can’t wait to get my hands on this model.  Rezolution is one of the best games out there.

You can learn everything you need to know about Rezolution here.

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