Sea Kings from Worthington Games

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Mar 222015

Sea Kings



Land, Wealth and Fame. This is what inspired Vikings to travel far from home. Fighting dangerous seas, foes and each other. They would go anywhere, anytime and in any weather. You are one of the Viking leaders seeking fortune in the unknown with your long boat and crew. Do you have what it takes to be a great Sea King by making new discoveries, settling hostile lands, crafty trading, and raiding with the fierceness of a Norseman? If so, seek the throne and make it yours.


The Viking leaders of these expeditions were called Sea Kings because of their skills in traveling uncharted waters to destinations few knew. And they wanted to be King, back in their home lands. To fulfill their ambitions, they raided, traded, and settled far away lands to attract followers in their quest to become King.


HOLDFAST KOREA 1950-1951 from Worthington Games April 1

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Mar 212015

holdfastHOLDFAST KOREA 1950-1951



Korea is called America’s “forgotten war”. There are very few games on the topic, and none quite like this. The US Army, US Marine Corp, ROK Army, NKPA, and CPA forces are all represented. Air power, armor, and the naval might of the UN forces are represented simply and elegantly. Rail movement, amphibious landings, and surprise attacks are in here too.

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Hold the Line: Highland Charge Expansion

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Jul 212013

Hold the Line- Highland Charge ExpansionHold the Line: Highland Charge Expansion

$20.00 SRP

Hold the Line now looks at one of the most fabled conflicts in history, the Jacobite rebellions, in Highland Charge. These uprisings were, as of 2013, the last battles fought on British soil. Featured here are five battles from the fearsome contest: Sheriffmuir, Glen Shiel, Prestonpans, Falkirk, and Culloden. The game closely aligns with the Hold the Line system, but includes rules for Highland charges, Scottish militia, and of course the feared Highland clan units.


James II lost his throne in 1689, but he and his supporters did not give the fight to reclaim his rights and titles. >From 1689 to 1745 no less than four major Jacobite rebellions broke out in the Scottish highlands, often with limited aid from France and Spain. The battles were the last hurrah for a dying way of war. The Highlanders relied on assault tactics, in particular the feared Highland charge. The Loyalists, made up of British regulars and Scottish militia, used the linear tactics of the day, including volley fire, artillery barrages, and bayonets. For a time the Highlanders seemed to be tactically superior until the shattering defeat at Culloden, a battle that proved the ultimate superiority of musket and artillery fire over the claymore.


As the Jacobites can you reclaim the throne for the Stuart dynasty? As the Loyalists can you protect the Hanoverian succession and deal a final death blow to absolutism in Britain? Across the way the bagpipes can be heard. The clans have mustered, the sound of cannon deafens, men shout commands, smoke fills the air. You must Hold the Line!

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Guns of Galicia From Worthington Games

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Oct 092012

Guns of Galicia

$ 55.00

Goming Soon

Guns of Galicia (GoG) uses the same core rules as Guns of August (GoA) to simulate Corp-level fighting on the Eastern Front in WWI. Game mechanics compensate for players’ 20/20 hindsight to encourage historically accurate play that makes “sense” in game terms while avoiding a “straight jacket” of special rules to enforce irrational play. Players maneuver corps and divisions through 9-mile wide hexagons in turns that span three days each. Chit pull activation along with modest movement point allowances generates a highly interactive game. Scenarios included are the 1914 Galicia campaign, 1915 Tarnow campaign, and 1916 Brusilov campaign.

Learn more at Worthington Games and help rewrite history how you see fit

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Naval War of 1812 200th Anniversary LE From Worthington Games

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Oct 082012

Naval War of 1812 200th Anniversary LE

$ 75.00

Release Date: Oct 2012

Naval War of 1812 showcases the global commerce war between Great Britain and the young United States.
The goal of the American player is to hunt down British merchant ships while avoiding their warships. The British goal is to seek out the American frigates and merchant ships, while protecting their own. The game includes a hard mounted game board, plastic ships in four colors, and cards for ship maneuver that depict the strategic and tactical capabilities of the era.

Come get this and more Worthington games to relive your favorite historical times and battles 

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