Savage Worlds: Nemezis: Galaxy

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Sep 192015

nemSavage Worlds: Nemezis: Galaxy


Welcome back to the Horizon System. Load your plasma pistol, and charge up your energy shield: it’s time to explore the worlds you need to save.


Nemezis: Galaxy is a companion for Savage Worlds: Nemezis, presenting in further detail the worlds of the Horizon System – and beyond, to the colonized planets of the Saggitarius Arm.



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Savage Worlds: Deadlands: Stone and a Hard Place from Studio 2

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Jul 302015

Savage Worlds: Deadlands: Stone and a Hard Place


Death rules this land. From the sun-scorched earth to the empty noose swaying in the skeletal branches of the hangman’s tree to the bloodstained buzzards circling overhead…the Wild Southwest thirsts for souls. Make sure it don’t get yours, partner. Matthew Cutter’s Stone and a Hard Place details the strange locales and odd characters of the American Southwest, provides new Edges and abilities to gussy up your Harrowed or hexslinger, new Setting Rules to emulate Death’s grip on the land, Savage Tales galore, a passel o’ terrifying abominations, and an epic Plot Point Campaign that pits a posse against Death’s red right hand – the one and only Stone!

Stone and a Hard Place requires the multiple-award winning Savage Worlds core rules and Deadlands Reloaded to play

Wolsung: Extraordinary Voyages from Studio 2 Publishing

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Jul 182015

Wolsung: Extraordinary Voyages



XIX century is the age of the last great discoveries. The last moment to explore places which no other adventurer has visited before. The world is getting more and more civilized. Nothing can stop the triumphant march led by the fearless explorers. These intrepid men and women are followed by others, acting not because of thirst for knowledge and adventure, but for massive profits. The fertile soil of exotic land is more and more often squashed by multi-national trading companies, and their skies are darkened by wings of metal dragons.


But what would these exotic lands be without temples lost in the jungle, tombs of ancient emperors, filled with gold and traps, and ruins of legendary cities? Treasures and cursed artefacts are guarded by unusual antagonists. In the colonies, explorers are threatened by hungry desert spirit, piranha-men from Amacunu and mysterious creatures of Purgatoria. This is the last moment to see these exotic wonders, before they become bland and banal. Are you ready?


In Extraordinary Voyages you’ll find:

-Complete descriptions of 12 colonies and 4 mysteries of the world

-Info about ancient civilisations, exotic dragons and the past of the contemporary colonies

-Additional rules for poisons, diseases and high noon duels

-9 organizations from faraway lands

-32 new Edges, 35 exotic gadgets, 10 cursed artefacts and 28 unusual Achievements

-13 new exotic opponents

-15 campaign seeds and 207 new adventure ideas


Wolsung: Steam Pulp Fantasy is a role-playing game of cinematic action about adventures of amazing Ladies and Gentlemen, set in alternate 19th century during the Magical Industrial Revolution.


Extraordinary Voyages is a supplement  and requires Wolsung: Steam Pulp Fantasy core book.

From Studio 2 Publishing Parsec for Savage Worlds

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May 212015


parsec aSavage Worlds: The Last Parsec: Eris Beta-V Limited Edition



When Eris Beta-V’s valuable commerce is threatened by unscrupulous agencies, a JumpCorp-employed team must root them out.


As they do, they’ll explore a magnificent ringed gas giant and its moons on the icy fringes of interstellar space, discover ancient artifacts of enormous power among Eris’ rings, moons, and asteroids, and solve the oldest mystery of Eris Beta-V…before time runs out.

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New From Studio 2 Publishing

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Apr 232015

gladiatorSavage Worlds: Gladiators of the Dominions


The sun-scorched arenas of the Dread Sea Dominions await you in this book!


In these pages you’ll fight ancient monstrosities from the pits of Tricarnia to entertain the bored Priest Princes, you’ll risk your life against beasts in the Imperial Arena of Faberterra for the enjoyment of the crowd, or you’ll match your skills against the pit fighters of Syranthia, the best in the world.  You are a gladiator: men shout your name, women faint at the sight of you.  But when you enter the pit, under the merciless sun, you are alone against your opponent. Today, will it end with your blood or his dripping on the sand?  So what are you waiting for: grab your gladiator helm, your shield and sword, and go bare-chested to spill your blood for glory and money!


The Season of Blood: In this appendix you’ll find all the rules you need to run a GM-less league of gladiator fights in the arena. Hire your pit fighters, buy assets and resources, and lead your team to victory!


This isn’t a stand alone product, you need Beasts & Barbarians Golden Edition and the core Savage Worlds rules to play it.

Savage Worlds: Deadlands: Ghost Towns May 20th

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May 162013

swSavage Worlds: Deadlands: Ghost Towns

$19.99 SRP


Visit the strangest locales in the West, and find a new place to hang your hat! In the Weird West, every town stands at risk of destruction by natural disaster, man’s folly, or the dangers lurking in the dark. At every turn, a settler’s path is menaced by threats mundane, terrifying, and just plain odd.


Ghost Towns gives you the lowdown on seven new burgs, plucked from every corner of the West, for use in your Deadlands Reloaded campaign. All the major players, points of interest, and mysterious plots are detailed, with Savage Tales ready to roll.


If seven ain’t enough for you, amigo, you’re in luck, you can have as many as you want! Ghost Towns includes a random generator to make creating your own strange locales a snap. A quick shuffle and a little thought and you can call a whole town into being in an instant, be the envy of Hucksters and developers everywhere!


After all, everyone needs a place to call home, no matter what’s whispering from the shadowed corners or hiding inside the local shop.

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Savage Worlds Hell on Earth minis Releasing Soon

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Apr 222013

heThe end isn’t nigh—it’s past! Welcome to Hell on Earth Reloaded, the dark future of the strange past of Deadlands.

The year is 2097, but the future is not our own. The long Cold War between the United and Confederate States of America finally came to an end—in world-wide hellfire. The rain of ghost rock atomic bombs shattered most anything man could call civilization, cracked the space between this world and the next wide open, and birthed a true Hell on Earth. But that was 16 years ago, and we’ve done the one thing we’re pretty good at—survive in spiteof ourselves. Sure, some folks have some extra limbs, you’re likely to get killed for the scraps in your pocket, and everything east of the Mississippi is overrun with a crazed army of undead,but what other option do you have?

Join us in this dark future, where what remains cries out for new heroes while hiding from old—even ancient—villains. Has your body been wracked by the constant radiation exposure, or have you learned to channel the lingering power of the atom to your will? Remake the world as you wish. Hell, you can’t make it any worse…

These mini’s look awesome and you will only get once chance to nab them if you missed the kickstarter.

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