Aug 052015

Thieves is a fast paced card game from Calliope in the near future. The goal is to get away with the most loot, but don’t get caught.

I will have more on this game for you in a couple of weeks.

Jul 282015

Calliope Games announces the upcoming release of Thieves!

Cops and robbers-themed game to be previewed at Gen Con
Redmond, WA-July 27, 2015. Today, Calliope Games announced an upcoming card game with a cops and robbers theme: Thieves! Originally published by 999 Games in Europe, Calliope will release an English version to the US market in late 2015/early 2016.

In Thieves, players take on the role of bandits pulling off the heist of a lifetime. The safes have been cracked, the bags have been loaded, and the getaway car is ready. All is going smoothly… until someone trips the alarm. Eager to put an end to the players’ crooked ways, the cops give chase, throwing up roadblocks and seizing everything from the wealthiest thief each time a police raid is triggered. Players must gather loot without making themselves a target. The thief who flees the city with the lion’s share of the loot wins!

“We’re very excited to add Thieves! to our catalog.” says Ray Wehrs, President of Calliope Games. “It fits in perfectly with our other casual, family-friendly titles, and if folks enjoy it half as much as I do, Thieves! will be a welcome addition to many a gamer’s shelf.”

Calliope Games will be demoing Thieves! in booth 149 at Gen Con 2015.

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May 262015

In this interview with Cassidy Werner from Calliope Games about the Titans of Gaming Kickstarter.   Which is your unique chance to own some games from great designers.


This has already funded and is very close to it’s first stretch goal.



I look for a lot of gamers to evolve out of this project.

May 212015


Calliope Games’ Titan Series Meets Funding Goal

Ambitious project unites legendary designers to create library of casual games
Redmond, WA-May 21, 2015. Calliope Games’ Titan Series has met its funding goal of $135,000! The project unites legendary designers such as Richard Garfield (Magic: The Gathering), Mike Mulvihill (Golem Arcana), Paul Peterson (Smash Up), and Mike Selinker (Pathfinder Adventure Card Game). Together with Calliope Games, they’ll create a library of casual games designed to recruit fresh blood to tabletop gaming and serve as filler games for experienced players.

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