War of the Rings Second Anniversary Release

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Oct 022016

war-ringAres Games is opening pre-orders today for a limited edition of the Game Rules, Strategy Guide and Gameboard in a deluxe format matching the components included in the War of the Ring Second Edition Anniversary Release.

For players who missed pre-orders of the Anniversary Release (now sold out), or who are interested only in these components and not in the full set of 205 painted figures, it’s the chance to become the owner of a set of very special items: an extra-size War of the Ring gameboard (two boards, each 64 x 88 cm) with UV and hot foil printing; the deluxe edition of the Game Rules (56 pages); the Strategy Companion written by Kristofer Bengtsson (104 pages). Each of these two volumes is hardbound, with quarter binding in cloth paper and hot-foil imprint on the slipcase.

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Deadzone info From the Mantic Newsletter

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Jun 022016

Deadzone 2nd Edition is now out in stores and pre-orders have been dispatched from the warehouse. Over the course of the next few months we’ll be re-introducing the faction starters and boosters for almost all of the races and introducing new ones – such as the Veer-myn.



Deadzone Infestation – Exham IV Expansion

Once a gem of GCPS exploitation, Exham IV is now a world tearing itself apart. Subject to the largest infestation of Veer-Myn ever located, the elite Enforcers were dispatched to contain the outbreak before the creatures could spread. The Enforcers’ ship was shot down before it could make landfall.

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Words With Rex Barkdoll on the Rifts Character Generator

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May 282015

Rex and I chat about the Rifts Character creator he is generator.  At this point it’s in early alpha and it basically fills a character sheet.  It  can easily generate tables, which I think is a great feature.  In the future Rex would like it to do math.



If you have any questions visit http://rexbarkdoll.com/

Titans of Gaming Interview

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May 262015

In this interview with Cassidy Werner from Calliope Games about the Titans of Gaming Kickstarter.   Which is your unique chance to own some games from great designers.


This has already funded and is very close to it’s first stretch goal.



I look for a lot of gamers to evolve out of this project.

May Releases for Heavy Gear

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Apr 292013

Dream Pod 9 is currently taking preorders on their online store

imageSouthern Military Police Cadre
(2 Black Mamba MPs, 2 Iguana MPs, and 1 Cobra MP Gear pewter miniatures
and extra parts.)
DP9-9286…………………………. $49.95 USD
This product will phase out the MP Shields Five Pack (DP9-9164)

Southern Visioth Main Battle Tank (DP9-9292, 29.95 USD)

Southern MP Decals Pack (DP9-9289, 6.75 USD)

All of these products are available for preorder and will ship Friday May
17th, 2013.

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Press Release from Dream Pod 9

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Nov 082012

Hello Bloggers and News Sources,


Dream Pod 9 is about to launch Forged in Fire: the Southern Field Guide this week for Pre-Orders.

In this e-mail, please find attached, a doc detailing the bundles, the release schedule for news and you are on Dropbox, the art assets will be loaded there.






We will launch the bundle deals on Friday November 9th. Please see the accompanying doc detailing the bundles. Please do not run the story until Nov 9th.


All gamers that pre-order any of the bundles between November 9 and December 2nd Midnight EST will receive the pre-order bonus, a $30.00 value for free. This is an exclusive early release miniature of the Diamondback, the AST insignia patch and a set of heavy weapons special infantry to go with the platoon.


After December 2nd, these bonuses will no longer be included in the bundles.


There will be 3 bundles available:


The Southern Super Bundle is designed for new players coming into the game, the Southern Reinforcement Bundle is for existing Southern Player who wants to have all the new toys and the Southern Epic Bundle



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