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Sep 222014

Watch as Matt Takes a look at the Battle For Moscow 1941 from Zvezda Games.   Battle for Moscow is a historical miniature game that is fast and easy to learn.




Stop back soon for the how to play videos.

Sep 012014

Armada Invincible is the grand adventure board game of the High Seas from Zvezda Games.   It is one of those boxes that’s full of conten



I haven’t played a high seas game since the WizKids game Pirates, which was a blast.  I’ve never played a highs seas game that is historical in nature so I’m looking forward to this.

Aug 252014

In this Box Breaking Matt Walks into an alternate history where the Battle for Oil rages in the middle east.  Battle for Oil is produced by Zvezda Games.  This box set is just full of goodies.



I really can’t wait to give this game a try.