Nov 032015

Watch as Matt opens up the Robotech RPG Tactics Artillery Battlepods.  The models on these sprues are variants on the Regult battlepods.  I love these models and I’ll be bringing you more very soon.

Look for events at AnCon and Origins.

Aug 082015

In this interview Kevin and I talk about the new Robotech book for the space marines.  Wave 2 loose target date, and the projects on his back burner.

I’m really looking forward to the the upcoming Rifts releases.   Wave 2 looks promising,  everyone I talked to, in the industry and fans, loved the models that were on display.

Apr 222015

In this Figure Fore Matt Assembles the Veritech fighter in Guardian Mode. This model goes together with a certain amount of ease.

Now, that all of these are don I can get ready to play and put the rest together in an assembly line.  I hope to see some of you at Palladium Open house in a few weeks, that is if I can get away from work.

Apr 072015

In this Figure Forge Matt attacks the Valkyrie in guardian mode.  This model is a lot easier to assemble than some of it’s predecessors.



There is only one model left before I start attacking the painting and the rules.  If all goes well I’ll be able make a day or two of Palladium open house.

Mar 042015

In this Figure Forge Matt assembles the Regult Battlepod for Robotech RPG Tactics.  This model flew together.

The day is drawing closer when all will be assembled!  Will it be before Palladium Open House?  I’m not sure.  They certainly won’t be painted before then.

Jan 272015

In this Flip Through I take a look at the rule book for Robotech tactics.  If you are thinking about playing the game here is what the book hold for you.

I will be doing a full game review shortly after I finish putting together all the models.  Check back next week for some more assembly videos.

Aug 232014

I approached Kevin at Gen Con and asked to do an interview.  He was happy to chat about everything Palladium Book does while dropping some eggs about the future.




I’m looking forward to some great things for Robotech, Palladium, and Rifts.