Imperial Settlers: Atlanteans From Portal Games

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Sep 192015

settlrsImperial Settlers: Atlanteans



As time has passed, we have lost record of the rise and fall of the Atlantis, but now, you can replay this ancient legend in Imperial Settlers!


The denizens of Atlantis bring their technology to the world of Imperial Settlers with all new mechanics that change the way you must play the game both as the Atlanteans and against them.

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Tides of Time from Portal Games

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Jun 152015

tides of timeTides of Time



Play as an ancient civilization as they prosper and collapse through time. Build gigantic monuments, raise impenetrable fortifications, and amass vast knowledge as the ages pass. The greatest civilizations will leave their mark long after their collapse. From times long forgotten to times recently lost, civilizations will rise and fall as the tide of time carries them.


Tides of Time is a drafting game for two players. Each game consists of three rounds in which players draft cards from their hands to build their kingdom. Each card is one of five suits and also has a scoring objective. After all cards have been drafted for the round, players total their points based on the suits of cards they collected and the scoring objectives on each card, then they record their score. Each round, the players each select one card to leave in their kingdom as a “relic of the past” to help them in later rounds. After three rounds, the player with the most prosperous kingdom wins.


2 players

Ages 8+

10-20 minute play time



18 Large-format cards (80mm x 120mm)

Assorted Relic tokens

1 Score pad

1 Pencil

1 Rules sheet

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Neuroshima Hex 3.0 From Portal Games

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Mar 112015

Neuroshima HexNeuroshima Hex 3.0



The world of Neuroshima Hex is that of a post-apocalyptic world torn apart by a war between humans and machines. The remains of humanity took shelter in the ruins of cities and organized in small communities, gangs and armies. Conflicts between such groups are not uncommon and the reasons of such are numerous: territory, food or equipment. The Moloch are sent from the north and constantly patrol the ruined cities. Great wastelands that surround what was left of the greatest cities are home to another enemy – the Borgo – an army of gruesome mutants. One of humanity’s last hopes is the Outpost, a perfectly organized army that wages a guerrilla war against the Moloch. Nevertheless, most human settlements, including the Hegemony, are not concerned with war until it comes banging at their door…

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Debuting at Gen Con Imperial Settlers from Portal Games

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Jul 292014

ISImperial Settlers



Settlers from four major powers of the world have discovered new lands, with new resources and opportunities. Romans, Barbarians, Egyptians and Japanese all at once move there to expand the boundaries of their empires. They build new buildings to strengthen their economy, they found mines and fields to gather resources, and they build barracks and training grounds to train soldiers. Soon after they discover that this land is far too small for everybody, then the war begins…


Imperial Settlersis a card game that lets player lead one of the four factions and build empires by placing buildings, then sending workers to those buildings to acquire new resources and abilities. The game is played over five rounds during which players take various actions in order to explore new lands, build buildings, trade resources, conquer enemies, and thus score victory points.



220 cards:

– 30 Barbarian cards

– 30 Japanese cards

– 30 Roman cards

– 30 Egyptian cards

– 84 Common cards

– 16 Attack cards

136 Resource markers:

– 32 Food

– 32 Stone

– 32 Wood

– 40 Workers

63 tokens:

– 18 Raze tokens

– 10 Defense tokens

– 24 Gold tokens

– 6 Multiplier tokens

– 1 First player token

– 4 Egyptian special tokens

1 Score board

1 Round marker

4 Faction markers

4 Faction boards