Jul 082015

ironEisenkern Command Squad



This kit contains command squad elements and special MOS soldiers to round out the skills and abilities of an Eisenkern infantry force.


The Eisenkern Command Squad is 28mm (1/56) scale and cross compatible with Stormtrooper, Panzerjäger and Stormtrooper Accessory Set.


Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.



1 Platoon Commander

1 Platoon Sergeant

2 Sniper Teams (Sniper and Spotter)

1 Communications Officer, signal relay and Cargo MULE

1 Medic with specialized Triage MULE

1 Forward Observer team with designator, signal relay and Cargo MULE

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Apr 292015

In this Figure Forge Matt assembles an Eisenkern Stormtrooper with his rocket propelled grenade.  The Eisenkern Stormtroopers are from Dreamforge Games and Wargames Factory.

These model have given me an itch to play some Rezolution.

Apr 282015

In this Figure Forge Matt assembles an Eisenkern Stormtrooper with his submachine gun. The Eisenkern Stormtroopers are available from Wargames Factory.

When I first opened the box these were a little intimidating.  But when I started to put them together they really weren’t bad at all.

Jan 312015

valkir support28mm Eisenkern Valkir Support Troopers (5)



The Valkir Assault Trooper box set contains everything you need to build five Valkir Assault Troopers. The leg sets allow you to customize the look of your units, with or without tabards or tassets. You choose the look that suits you.

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Jan 312015

Horse & Musket: 28 mm Woodland Indians (24)


Native Americans had a familiarity with the countryside that proved invaluable for their White cousins over the years of fighting in North America. Their brutality in combat and cunning ability to adapt to their surroundings made them a useful ally and a threatening enemy. All the nations involved in the fighting in North America called upon the usefulness of the Indians to wage a new kind of warfare that greatly impacted the future of the United States.


The box set contains 24 highly detailed multi-part plastic miniatures representing more than ten different Native American tribes. The contents are suitable for assembling warriors indicative of the Indian tribes residing in North America during the 18th and early 19th centuries. Contents are the necessary parts to construct 24 Indians plus a myriad of weapons including short bows, muskets, ball-headed clubs and gunstock shaped clubs, tomahawks and knives plus various hair and headdress options.


Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.

Sep 262014

Wargames Factory1American War of Independence: Colonial Militia



This box set contains 30 highly detailed multi-part plastic miniatures representing volunteer militia that fought for both freedom and in defense of His Majesty King George. The box includes three sprues of militia with arms and options to create officers, musicians, and equip the soldiers with tomahawks.


The sprues contain militia wearing both 18th Century civilian clothes and the fringed hunting shirts “frocks” with buckskin trousers and moccasins. There are options for the militia to carry muskets or the longer, more accurate rifled musket, and there are three headgear options including the tricorner hat, round hat, and knit cap or ‘liberty’ cap.


There are enough plastic bases for all 30 miniatures and the militia parts are interchangeable with other kits in the American War of Independence range allowing for dynamic and creative options.