Last Starfleet Overview

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Jul 062014

Last Starfleet is a thrilling and intensely strategic cooperative adventure card game – Wicked Grin Games’ first publication!   Last Starfleet is a card game that focuses on teamwork and communication.  The game takes about 60 minutes to play and has a small learning curve.



Currently on Kickstarter here.  Check back in a day or so for the written review.

Box Breaking 101 Last Starfleet

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Jul 062014

In this Box Breaking Matt Takes a look at the card game Last Starfleet from Wicked Grin Games.  Last Starfleet puts the last of humanity in struggle to colonize a new planet.

Last Starfleet is currently on Kickstarter and will be available at your local retailer later this year.

Galactic Strike Force from Greater Than Games

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May 032014

Galactic Strike Force


Galactic Strike Force is a cooperative, tactical, deck-building game in which two to six players each take control of a ship and a crew in defense of the galaxy! Dangerous opposition forces threaten to overrun the entire galaxy, and the players must not only build up their ships, but also work together tactically to stop them!

However, this Strike Force is not made up of stalwart defenders, space cops or Volnethian Guardians. In Galactic Strike Force, you play as scoundrels,  members of the galactic underworld! Smugglers, space pirates, gun runners, bounty hunters, and information brokers make up the ranks of the Strike Force which has come together to defend the galaxy!

Each player begins the game with a Strike Force ship panel and a unique, eight-card deck which represents their ship and its crew. Arrayed against the Strike Force is one of five Opposition fleets, spread across a number of different sectors. Rather than players having individual turns, the game rounds proceed through five phases, in which the players act simultaneously.


Players use Travel Cards from sector to sector, Requisition Cards from various stations, and install their Tech Cards in hand to upgrade their ships. Then, the Strike Force may engage the Opposition in battle across every sector; however, while the Strike Force has been preparing their assault, the Opposition has grown ever more powerful. Finally, in the Aftermath, the Opposition forces gain resources when unopposed and add strength and numbers to their fleet. Ultimately, the Strike Force must work together to drive the Opposition from their systems and to final defeat.

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Box Breaking 96 Myth from Megacon Games

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Apr 102014

myth7In this Box Breaking Matt takes a look at the smash hit Myth from Megacon Games.  Myth is a semi-cooperative miniature board game.  It features highly detailed miniatures.  The rules incorporate an almost arcade like style of gaming on to the table.  Watch as Matt shares its contents.


You can learn more at Megacon Games.

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Box Breaking 85 Compounded From Game Salute

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Dec 172013

Take a look as Matt explores the contents of the game Compounded.  Compounded is a game of science that uses the Table of periodic elements as the board.  All I can tell without playing Compounded is that it is something like mixing friendships, er I mean making better friends through chemistry.

You can find Compounded at Game Salute.

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Dec 152013

Watch Matt delve into the Dungeon Heroes Board Game.  Dungeon Heroes is a tile dungeon exploring game for one or two players. Dungeon Heroes is made by Gamelyn Games and distributed by Game Salute.

My impression of Dungeon Heroes from the Box Breaking is that the game looks relatively easy learn.  I doubt it will take more than one or two tries to have a working grasp of the rules.   I hope to have the full written review up for you before Christmas.





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The Dark Valley from GMT Games

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Nov 172013

The Dark Valley: The East Front Campaign, 1941-45

$59.00 SRP


Although the game is a semi-monster, and covers the entirety of the conflict from the launch of Barbarossa to the end of the war, the game system emphasizes playability rather than rules overhead, allowing the players to concentrate on strategy choices rather than rules minutiae.


The core of the game system is a “chit-pull” activation system. Each turn a variety of action chits are drawn, in a random order, from the Action Chit Pool, and it is this that determines the exact flow of operations on that turn. If a German “Move/Combat” chit is drawn, the German player decides to move or fight (but not both), with all Axis units. If a German PZ HQ chit is drawn, units in command range of that HQ can move and conduct combat (with greater flexibility for armored units). If the Soviet Stavka chit is drawn, units may be deployed from Stavka Reserve to attempt to stem the Axis onslaught. If the Soviet Counterattack chit is drawn, Stalin insists that the attacks are made upon the fascist invaders, possibly to the detriment of the overall defense. When the Logistics chit is drawn, supply status is checked for all units.



Rule Booklet

Scenario Booklet

3.5 Counter Sheet

Two Full Color Maps

Four Player Aid Cards

Two Six-sided Dice


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Dungeon Twister: The Card Game

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Aug 092013

The Card GameDungeon Twister: The Card Game

$24.99 SRP

You awaken to find yourself in a torch lit room. Moments ago you were on duty for the princess at the royal banquet. What or who has brought you to this place? A quick check reveals your paladin armor and sword still intact. You notice the obviously dwarven crafted stone room and hear the faint clicking of mechanized contraptions.

Can it be true, are the legends of the Arch-Mage transporting unwilling participants to compete for survival in his maniacal clockwork dungeon possible? In the next room you see some rope and a key…but as you move toward them the room rotates, taking the items away. This is not going to be easy!

Players race to navigate the hazards of Dungeon Twister by using their action points each turn to move, rotate rooms, collect items, and combat opponents. This is a race to victory by surviving and escaping the dungeon first.

2 players

Ages 14+


Full-color rulebook

120 illustrated game cards

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Civilization: Wisdom and Warfare Expansion

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Jul 212013

WisdomCivilization: Wisdom and Warfare Expansion

$34.95 SRP



You have created towering wonders, built vast cities, and tamed sprawling wilderness. Now, prepare to guide your civilization to new heights of power and influence!


The Wisdom and Warfare expansion for Sid Meier’s Civilization: The Board Game introduces a new optional combat system, plus Social Policies to help you build your fledgling empire even more effectively. With six brand new civilizations, new map tiles, and more exciting options, your budding empire will become greater than you ever imagined!

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