Aug 282012

In this Box Breaking Matt busts Giant Man out of his prison. This box breaking is a little longer than most because we take a look at the dials.



Thanks for watching.  Let us know if you think we could have done something different.  The height of the figure in relation to the dial was a bit of a challenge.

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Aug 272012

While at Gen Con 2012 we visited with the WizKids  crew.  They were happy to pull out the Batman figs for us (and others around).  I like where the game seems to be going and with all of the super hero RPG’s. This set is going to be a great addition to the scene. Batman No Man’s Land is scheduled for a November release.

Let’s take a look at some of these guys.

Oh my!  It’s E.T.  I was shocked to see these guys.  I really don’t know more than what you see, but they are cool.

More pictures…

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Aug 222012

This is a demonstration for the HeroClix figure compatible app for the iPad.  It looks easy enough to play.  The game also introduces unique figures that the iPad recognizes.



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