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Jul 252016


Gen Con Attendees will be First in North America to Play a God in New Miniatures Board Game Based on Greek Mythology
PARIS, FRANCE (July 25, 2016): Mythic Games, the new game studio from co-creators of the Conan Board Game, announces today the company’s highly anticipated first release, miniatures board game Mythic Battles: Pantheon, will make its North American debut at Gen Con August 4 – 7, 2016 in Indianapolis, IN.

Gen Con attendees will be the first gamers in North America to play as a famous god of Greek mythology, assemble warriors, lead troops into battle, create their own Pantheon and become the new ruler of Olympus in Mythic Battles: Pantheon. Learn-to-play games of Mythic Battle: Pantheon are scheduled in the Event Hall from 10am – 8pm each day and tickets are available on for $4 each. Players will also receive an exclusive set of four collectible buttons of iconic Olympic gods.
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Aug 042015

At Gen con one of the very first things I had the opportunity to do was to sit down with Neil Fawcett from Spartan Games.   It was the first time they visited us in the states and I think it’s the beginning of many more.

I did two interviews with them where we chat about Firestorm Armada, the return of Uncharted Seas, Dystopian Wars, Planetfall, and of course HALO. The first is below.  I had to refilm it because of the background noise, Neil has a soft voice.   I wasn’t going to keep this interview at all, but there is enough in it that we didn’t cover in the second interview that I couldn’t ignore it.

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Pleasant Dreams: The Card Game of Nightmares

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Apr 102015

PleasantPleasant Dreams: The Card Game of Nightmares



You are in a deep sleep; your mind is filled with Pleasant Dreams. As the night wears on, dream fragments conspire to lead you on a nightmarish journey. When bliss twists into terror, will you succumb to shock or sustain your slumber?


Pleasant Dreams is a one or two-player card game placing the players in a dreamworld where they fend off nightmares. The goal of the game is to trick your opponent into drawing so many nightmarish dream fragments that he or she wakes up. Alternatively you can win the game by being the first player to finish the dream without waking up.


During the game, you’ll be trying to outwit your opponent by manipulating The Dreaming, and deciding whether or not to push your luck by delving deeper into the deck. Each turn of the game starts with the player deciding how many dream fragments they want to resolve. Pleasant ones help you relax, while the unpleasant ones bring you closer to waking up screaming. You can have some of the cards come back later by secretly inserting them anywhere into the dream deck.


Decide whether you want to hold on to pleasant fragments of your dream…but beware, anything may come back to haunt you! Sweet dreams…


1-2 players

Ages 14+

5-10 minute play time

March Planerfall Releases from Spartan Games

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Feb 202015

pfdf03PFDF03 Dindrenzi Federation Firepower Leviathan Helix
The Hyperion Leviathan perfectly exemplifies the mindset of the Federation forces – that of the fast assault aggressor. Rugged and dependable, the Leviathan is capable of sustaining tremendous punishment during its military operations across the Firestorm Galaxy. The humanoid design is intended to exemplify the ‘human perfection through adversity’ strategic thinking of the Dindrenzi, as well as deliver terrifying proof of the ‘superiority of man’.
The devastating vehicle is armed with two arm-mounted Mangonel-VII Titan Cannons – a new design that permits the tracking of targets over a far greater range without adversely affecting the Leviathan’s power supply.
In addition, the Hyperion has a shoulder rack fitted with Estock Flak Launchers, allowing the war machine to defend large areas of the battlefield with an umbrella of anti-air fire. The Hyperion is also fitted with a Nexus Designator, secreted within the command centre in the war machine’s head. This serves to support the rest of the Dindrenzi drop assets that are waiting for their turn to prove themselves in the maelstrom of battle.
The Firepower Leviathan Helix may also find itself supported by up to two squadrons of Leto Light Tanks. These are specially modified to permit the vehicles to drop from low orbit into the thick of the action. Ordinarily these vehicles execute a light reconnaissance role in the Dindrenzi battle formations, however the modified Letos in the Firepower Helix are more likely to find themselves in close support of their command element, assaulting targets that attempt to engage the war machine’s flanks.
Contains: 1 Hyperion Class Leviathan, 10 Leto Light Recon Tanks and 1 Drop Site Marker. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.

PFTA03PFTA03 Terran Alliance Firepower Leviathan Helix
The Odin Class Leviathan advances through the battlefield shrugging off all bar the most concerted attacks using a combination of heavy armour and overlapping shield technology. Armed with a powerful G-72 Legacy Laser, this Terran war machine is one of the most powerful vehicle killers in the Firestorm Galaxy – woe betide the enemy that presents its flank to this behemoth!
In addition to its main armament, the Odin also carries a powerful Shrike Heavy Rotor Gun for engaging aerial threats and a number of body mounted Heavy Raptor Grenade Launchers for overwhelming dug-in enemy Infantry at short range.
Finally, the Odin has the ability to execute Artillery Attacks using a Nexus Designator. Whilst only short range, the Odin frequently uses the attack to defend itself from approaching foes by calling down the attack upon itself!…. shrugging off the damage and destroying any remnants of surrounding foes with a combination of grenades and close quarters battle.
Terran Firepower Leviathan Helix are commonly supported by up to two Squadrons of Valkyrie Light Tanks. These are used to capture objectives close to their command element, and operate best in close support with other elements in a Terran Alliance battle line.
Contains: 1 Odin Class Leviathan, 10 Valkyrie Light Recon Tanks and 1 Drop Site Marker. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.

Savage Worlds: Steamscapes: North America

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Aug 052013

Savage WorldsSavage Worlds: Steamscapes: North America

$19.99 SRP

North America in 1871 is a land of adventure, opportunity, and conflict. Inventors from the American Consolidated Union supply automatons and steam-powered machinery to the oil fields of Texas and the mines of the Rocky Mountain Republic. Wells Fargo airships and steam carts compete with the Southern Pacific’s monopoly on transcontinental rail travel. Native saboteurs raid across the borders from their home in the Plains Tribal Federation to destroy the technology that threatens their land.

Steamscapes: North America is the first setting book for Steamscapes. It includes extensive alternative historical backgrounds for the four most prominent nations of North America and offers six new professions with associated skills and edge trees, as well as the automaton racial template. It provides several introductory scenarios and a variety of character templates so GMs and players can jump right in and start playing.

Steamscapes: North America requires the Savage Worlds core rulebook to play.

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Railways of North America

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Jul 172013

Railways of North AmericaRailways of North America


Railways of North America is an exciting new expansion for the Railways of the World board gaming system, featuring a Canadian board! This new Canadian map introduces new features — Mines and Ferry Lines — using cards that start out on the table from the onset, and can be claimed anytime (just like Railroad Operations cards) for the right price! As an added bonus, the RONA expansion includes the long-awaited rules for the Transcontinental Game of ROTW — players use the Eastern US (and Mexico if they wish) map from Railways of the World AND the Western US map from the Railways of the Western US expansion, combining them to make a MEGA MAP and provide a MEGA GAME playing experience!


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Railways Express

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Jul 152013

Railways ExpressRailways Express


Railways Express is a new dice-rolling race game. Travel around the USA and parts of southern Canada and northern Mexico learning elements of the mechanics used in the popular Railways of the World board gaming system! Be the first to build track linking all 4 cities of your color to win! By linking cities with track, you are awarded re-roll cubes (and possibly cards), giving you strategic options for the routes you plan and the cities you link to reach your goal. This game is accessible to both younger players and yet totally enjoyable for seasoned veterans of the series.

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1775: Rebellion From Academy Games

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Nov 032012

1775: Rebellion

Release Date: Nov 2012

$ 65.00

1775 – Rebellion’ is the second game in the Birth of America series that began with the popular ‘1812 – The Invasion of Canada’. 2-4 players form teams representing the British and the Colonial rebels. Players control British Regulars, British Loyalists, German Hessian Mercenaries, American Regulars, American Patriots, Native Americans and the French in the epic American struggle for independence from the ‘tyranny’ of King George! TEAMWORK – Interactive play for team objectives and decisions. FUN – Easy rules with continual involvement by all players. EDUCATIONAL – Learn about this important chapter in American and British history. 1775 is the perfect introduction to tactical boardgames! 2-4 Players. 1-1.5 hours.

Check this one out and relive history and maybe even rewrite it a little at Academy Games don’t forget to check out their other games too.



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November Dystopian Wars Releases from Spartan Games

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Oct 082012

Well our friends at Spartan Games have another action packed us gamers.  Do they sleep over there?   How many of Santa’s elves did they steal?

DWAL05 Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Zamiec Class Sky Fortress
The armed forces of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth are known for their unparalleled battle skill and courage. Long years of warfare have honed the Commonwealth Hussar Legions into veteran fighting units capable of facing off against all an enemy can throw at them. The Zamiec Class Sky Fortress’ breathtaking stature makes it instantly iconic in the world of Dystopian Wars.






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R.A. Salvatore Book Tour

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Oct 042012

Wizards of the Coast announced  that R.A. Salvatore  will be on tour in the North Eastern US with a stop or two in Canada.  Here is the press release.

“Wizards of the Coast is thrilled to announce today’s release of Stone of Tymora, the new novel from New York Times best-selling author R.A. Salvatore and his son, Geno Salvatore.

Is a stone that makes you forever lucky a blessing? Or a curse? Adventure aboard Captain Deudermont’s Sea Sprite and follow the trail of the demon who is intent on destroying the luckstone inherited by one unlucky orphan. Featuring the sage wisdom of R.A. Salvatore’s best-selling character Drizzt Do’Urden, the Stone of Tymora is packed with action, magic, intrigue, and a heart-stopping twist that Salvatore fans won’t want to miss. Originally published as a trilogy for teens, this single volume, redesigned in a handsome adult package with a brand-new cover, is a must-have for adult Salvatore fans!

To celebrate the release of Stone of Tymora, R.A. and Geno Salvatore will travel to select cities to meet fans and autograph copies of their book.  A list of stops can be found on the Stone of Tymora page on”


I hope you can make it to one of these events.

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