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Well our friends at Spartan Games have another action packed us gamers.  Do they sleep over there?   How many of Santa’s elves did they steal?

DWAL05 Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Zamiec Class Sky Fortress
The armed forces of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth are known for their unparalleled battle skill and courage. Long years of warfare have honed the Commonwealth Hussar Legions into veteran fighting units capable of facing off against all an enemy can throw at them. The Zamiec Class Sky Fortress’ breathtaking stature makes it instantly iconic in the world of Dystopian Wars.






WAL15 Dominion of Canada Steele Class Robot
Sold to the Dominion of Canada by the Federated States of America, the Steele Class Robot is an exciting new variant of the flying John Henry Class Robot. Standing over two hundred scale feet tall, this destructive monster is capable of massive strides that make quick work of closing the distance between him and the enemy. It can then swiftly unleash its unforgiving flamethrower!





DWAL21 Kingdom of Denmark Korsor Class Minelayer
The Korsor Class Minelayer has proved an invaluable fighting machine since the outbreak of the war. Armed with an automated mine laying rig, these ships manoeuvre in large numbers, denying entire swathes of the battlefield to the enemy, forcing them towards bottlenecks where the Kingdom of Denmark can fight them on an equal footing.






DWAL22 Kingdom of Denmark Skagerrak Class Gunship
The Skagerrak Class Gunship is the finest fighting ship that the Danish Navy currently has to offer. The Gunship exemplifies Denmark’s approach to warfare; namely, a distinct effort to make up for a lack of numbers by the use of advanced modern technology, battlefield-control tactics and the specialisation of its warships for operation in Denmark’s narrow home waters.






DWAL31 Prussian Scandinavia Aufseher Class Assault Airship
The Aufseher Class Assault Airship is designed to allow the air landing of Prussian armoured units directly in the heart of enemy strong points, either to provide support for larger attacks or in surprise raids on key objectives. It takes the Teutonic Order’s favoured battle tactics of shock assaults to a whole new level.







DWAL32 Prussian Scandinavia Faust Class Robot
The Faust Class Robot is a new type of manned combat robot, large enough to dwarf terrified enemy infantry and toss aside light tanks like cardboard boxes. Now enemy soldiers have yet another reason to fear the might of the Prussian Empire.








DWAL41 Protectorate of Belgium Liege Class Land Ship
The Liege Class Land Ship is the pinnacle of flexible defensive strategy. It is heavily armoured against incoming fire, and has multiple Ack Ack batteries to repulse aerial aggression. It is even designed to embed itself into the earth once it has found an optimal position. With its ground clamps firmly in place, the Liege becomes a stable, unshakable firing platform, allowing even greater accuracy with its formidable weapons.





DWAL42 Protectorate of Belgium R-4 Class Medium Tank

Belgium is an interesting Allied Nation consumed by civil war. Internal conflicts are rapidly escalating first to proxy wars and then full-scale clashes. The mighty R-4 Class Medium Tank is tenacious in battle and will help the Protectorate of Belgium attain control over their territory.






DWEX08 Dystopian Wars Infantry Token Set
Infantry provide an important component to both attack and defence on land. Infantry are represented by detailed tokens that deliver the following assets: Line Infantry, Infantry Reserves, Cavalry, Artillery and Engineers. This set includes 10 Infantry Tokens, 10 green dice and 10 ivory dice.

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