1775: Rebellion From Academy Games

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Nov 032012

1775: Rebellion

Release Date: Nov 2012

$ 65.00

1775 – Rebellion’ is the second game in the Birth of America series that began with the popular ‘1812 – The Invasion of Canada’. 2-4 players form teams representing the British and the Colonial rebels. Players control British Regulars, British Loyalists, German Hessian Mercenaries, American Regulars, American Patriots, Native Americans and the French in the epic American struggle for independence from the ‘tyranny’ of King George! TEAMWORK – Interactive play for team objectives and decisions. FUN – Easy rules with continual involvement by all players. EDUCATIONAL – Learn about this important chapter in American and British history. 1775 is the perfect introduction to tactical boardgames! 2-4 Players. 1-1.5 hours.

Check this one out and relive history and maybe even rewrite it a little at Academy Games don’t forget to check out their other games too.



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New From Rio Grande in March

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Feb 122012

Upon a Salty Ocean  $ 49.95 SRP

At the beginning of the 16th century, the city of Rouen is the main French port. The city’s wealth depends on fishing and the trading of salted fish. Salt produced in the mines has to be loaded onto ships and used to preserve herring and cod fished in the Atlantic Ocean. Every week ships full of salt barrels leave Rouen for the fishing grounds of the Atlantic Ocean, and once back, the goods are sold in the city markets. The players represent city merchants, and they invest in ships and city buildings to try to get rich. Who will be the richest merchant of Rouen, when Francis I, King of France, comes to visit the City? Contains: Game board and rulebook 32 salt (white), 24 herring (pink) and 24 cod (violet) wooden cubes 10 salt (white), 10 herring (pink) and 10 cod (violet) large wooden cubes (worth four small ones) 72 player markers (wooden cubes: 18 for each player color: blue, green, red, yellow) 4 coin markers (wooden disc) 7 market/action counters (black cubes) 3 ship tiles for each player color 10 event tiles 4 player sheets

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