Box Breaking 166 Pirates Ninjas Robots and Zombies

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Aug 102015

In this Box Breaking I open up the tile placement game, form Rather Dashing Games, Pirates, Ninjas, Robots and Zombies.

I have played this and I approve.  Watch for our demo game in the upcoming weeks.

Aug 042015

At Gen con one of the very first things I had the opportunity to do was to sit down with Neil Fawcett from Spartan Games.   It was the first time they visited us in the states and I think it’s the beginning of many more.

I did two interviews with them where we chat about Firestorm Armada, the return of Uncharted Seas, Dystopian Wars, Planetfall, and of course HALO. The first is below.  I had to refilm it because of the background noise, Neil has a soft voice.   I wasn’t going to keep this interview at all, but there is enough in it that we didn’t cover in the second interview that I couldn’t ignore it.

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RuneQuest: Monster Island from New Design Mechanism

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Jul 262015

RuneQuest: Monster Island



Imagine a land of dark, sweltering jungles filled with nameless monstrosities and savage reptilian head-hunters… hacking through thick undergrowth to uncover forgotten overgrown ruins filled with glittering treasures…discovering mysterious cities of gold hidden high up between the sheer mountain peaks, filled with foul sorceries…uncovering ancient temples still used by secretive cults to practice their abhorrent sacrifices…and worse still, if those gods arose as titanic beasts beyond mortal comprehension, to destroy those that dare despoil their worshippers…


Then imagine you’ve arrived, shipwrecked or magically transported, to this tropical hell and that there is no escape.  Welcome to the horror of Monster Island!


Monster Island is a fully detailed sandbox setting which can be used in almost any existing campaign, from Swords & Sorcery through to 1930’s Two Fisted Pulp. It contains enough material to run a game for years, including:


-An examination of the native cultures, their strange habits and unsettling magical practices

-Almost a hundred new creatures, plants and spirits to use in any RuneQuest campaign

-Comprehensive tables for encounters, random events, poisons, diseases, treasures and the like

-New spells, miracles and fully defined cults for those that wish to dabble in the dark arts

-Several dozen places of interest, half of which have been fully detailed for immediate play

-Countless plot hooks and scenario ideas, as well as guidance on how to incorporate Monster Island into an existing campaign


With its foetid secrets and gritty adventure, the comprehensive content of Monster Island is guaranteed to inspire any Game Master. Delve back to a time of classic Sword & Sorcery with priceless jewels, fierce dinosaurs and dark horror!


Requires RuneQuest: 6th Edition Core book to play.