Jan 022017

In this Role-Play Ramblings Matt talks about Story telling, He shares some of the pitfalls he has experienced as a GM and he talks about how writing fiction differs from writing an adventure.

This is probably a topic I will come back to in the future, it’s one of those rare topic where you can always learn and apply something.

Jan 022017

In this episode of Role-Play Ramblings Matt talks about planting seeds.  Which in this conversation is a combination of foreshadowing, note taking, listening and even closure.


This is something that I think newer GM’S struggle with, but once it’s learned it is very rewarding.

Jan 022017

To start Season two of Role-Play Ramblings Matt talks about the importance of note taking in an RPG.  He covers who should takes notes and  when some of the better times for taking them are.



I had a lot of fun filming this episode.  It took me a lot longer than I thought it would to play three people, but I had a blast.  I hope to do more like this in the future.

May 052016

In this Role-Play Ramblings Matt discusses the role of death as it pertains to players and their characters.  Is it morally acceptable for  a GM to kill off PC’s.

This concludes the first season of Role-Play Ramblings.  I hope to start season two very soon, check back, or follow us on Twiite and Facebook for the Kickstarer announcements.

Nov 012015

I this episode of Role-Play Ramblings Matt Lemke shares his gaming experiences with problem players, some of them include the wallflower,  philosopher, rules lawyer and even the instigator.  This short message is for Role-players at all levels of experience, but is most beneficial for GM’s.  These tips can be applied to any game system.

If you like this please like it please give it a thumbs up on YouTube and if you know someone who would enjoy it please share.  I had a lot of fun coming up with this seasons content and I would love to continue.

Next episode (targeted for Thursday) is “Who’s Telling the Story”. Is it the GM’s Story or the players?


Special Thanks to Owen K.C. Sthephens and Ryan Hale for their extra input on this season. I also have to thank all of my backers for making this happen.  I wouldn’t have had the drive to do this without their support!

Jan 092015

In this episode Matt speaks on the topic of “bastards”.   In role-playing  this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.   It doesn’t mean you’re an illegitimate child or a bad person, instead it means you ae an individual who doesn’t fit in because of race or some other factor.  T his conversation includes half elves, half orcs, and everything els (those weird races that can be awkward to play).

I had a lot of fun with this.   I have totally put a new spin on creating characters that are just odd.  I hope it does the same for you.

Jan 012015

In this episode Matt talks about  the intricacies of race.   He  goes over what he feels is missing from playing a full character.  For example He discusses what it might be like to be a dwarf, an elf and a couple others.


I will have the written portion up in a day or so.   I need get my mind off of it before proofreading.


I apologize for the bad audio in the first posting.  I had to film it again to fix it.

Dec 112014

In this episode back up a little bit and shares his thoughts on how attributes can play into the personality of your character.  I introduce a character in this episode that is going to become a staple for us in this series.  So I hope that you will join me for character creation from the ground up.



Next week we will move into races.

Dec 042014

In this episode Matt covers the agenda that will hopefully bring us into the new year.  That agenda will include developing the role of character in at least five parts. ability scores, race, class, alignment, and personality.  it doesn’t matter what role-playing game you play there will be something in these videos for you.


I know this session wasn’t super exciting but thanks for watching.