Jan 022017

In this Role-Play Ramblings Matt talks about Story telling, He shares some of the pitfalls he has experienced as a GM and he talks about how writing fiction differs from writing an adventure.

This is probably a topic I will come back to in the future, it’s one of those rare topic where you can always learn and apply something.

Jan 022017

To start Season two of Role-Play Ramblings Matt talks about the importance of note taking in an RPG.  He covers who should takes notes and  when some of the better times for taking them are.



I had a lot of fun filming this episode.  It took me a lot longer than I thought it would to play three people, but I had a blast.  I hope to do more like this in the future.

Jun 132012


In this episode of Figure Forge David assembles the Circle of Orboros battlegroup faster than the Avengers can unite.





Music Summer performed by Adam Emanon
Artist page at Mevio

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Apr 062012

Why, o why must the internets conspire against me?!

Okay, the lamenting may be a bit much.  In truth, the fault is mine.  I deleted a very important e-mail from Matt, resulting in a series of miscommunications between he and I, and therefore this post is getting up rather late.  My most sincere and humble appologies.  Nonetheless, here it is, a quick overview of the mechanics of the Silvervine Games system.


Silvervine Primer

This should give you the background information as you follow along with the campaign audio podcasts.

Also, here are the important links once again:

Silvervine Games Quick Character Creation Guide: http://www.silvervinegames.com/uploads/Svg/SVGquickccguide.pdf

Silvervine Games Fillable PDF Character Sheet: http://www.silvervinegames.com/uploads/Svg/svgcyrussheet-031310forms.pdf

Silvervine main website: http://www.silvervinegames.com/


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Dec 092011

In this episode of Figure Forge Matt assembles the Skaven Screaming Bell.  He also shows you what he believes is the best method to swap out the Plague furnace portion of the assembly.



I had fun with this model.  If you see any pitfalls I could have avoided please post it below.   Feel Free to like us on facebook and follow us on twitter.

Nov 242011

In this episode of Figure Forge Danny assemble 2 of the builds for the Necron Triarch Praetorians.   These models are from the Triarch Preatorian/Lychguard box set.


That looks easy.   Pop quize … How many times did he glue the model to his hand?


Come back later today for the Lychguard and tomorrow I hope to have the Immortals or the Death marks up.  But that all depends on dinner at mom and dads.

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Nov 142011

Hey Gamers,


We are back with another Box Breaking.   This time we take a look at the award winning game You’ve Been Sentenced.   This video not only explores the game contents, but it includes a brief look at game play.


In the near future we have plans of

  • a more in depth demonstration
  • how teachers can use this game in the classroom
  • a review

Thanks for watching.

Nov 122011

In this episode of Figure Forge Danny Assembles the Necron Command and Annihilation Barge.  He uses rare earth magnets to show you how easy it is to have both models for a little bit more than the price of one.


Warning this model contains small parts and therefore is a little complicated. It is a long video.   You should also note that Danny is an expert at gluing his fingers together – you are not.


I suggest getting a soda and some popcorn.


Well we learned a lot from this one.  In the future we will do large models in at least two parts.

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