Apr 062012

Why, o why must the internets conspire against me?!

Okay, the lamenting may be a bit much.  In truth, the fault is mine.  I deleted a very important e-mail from Matt, resulting in a series of miscommunications between he and I, and therefore this post is getting up rather late.  My most sincere and humble appologies.  Nonetheless, here it is, a quick overview of the mechanics of the Silvervine Games system.


Silvervine Primer

This should give you the background information as you follow along with the campaign audio podcasts.

Also, here are the important links once again:

Silvervine Games Quick Character Creation Guide: http://www.silvervinegames.com/uploads/Svg/SVGquickccguide.pdf

Silvervine Games Fillable PDF Character Sheet: http://www.silvervinegames.com/uploads/Svg/svgcyrussheet-031310forms.pdf

Silvervine main website: http://www.silvervinegames.com/


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