Sep 092014

Rise of the Kage is  boardgame by GCT Studios Now on Kickstarter.  It has the ninjas break in to accomplish the mission. The game uses preplotted movement for the Ninja’s movement and a d6’s, with some simple twists.Watch as Teri plays Gordon in a short Demo.



Rise of the Kage is On Kickstarter right now.

Sep 012014

Sentinel Tactics is the smashing Board game in a the super hero universe created by Greater Than Games.   Watch as Matt shares the contents of this box.

I find that Sentinels of the Multivese is quite entertaining so I really can’t wait to play Sentinel Tactics

Aug 292014

I sat down with Bob from Mayfair Games At Gen Con 2014.   Here is what we chatted about:

  • Cones of Dunshire – it’s a good story
  • Catan championship for the US seat
  • Release overview for the year – He likes Villainy
  • Future releases into 2015 4 products
  • Bob and Angus are in their 8th season
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Aug 262014

Roberto briefly goes over the entire Ares Games line ,  Wings and Sails of Glory,  War of the rings, and  he shares with us a preview of Dino Race and the B-17’s for Wings of Glory.



I am certainly looking forward to Battle of Five Armies.


Thank you Roberto for taking the time out of a busy show.

Aug 262014

Scott Shares a quick Demo of Sheriff of Nottingham before sharing with us release details in the fourth quarter.  That includes talking abiut the Paladin and Siren coming out next year.


It is always good to see my friends from Arcane Wonders.