Dec 142016

Check out the Wrath of Kings 2 player starter. This starter puts the Gortisi against the Nasier. These Models are great looking and wait til you see how well go together.

I have started assembling the Gortisi, you should see the Figure Forges start before Christmas.

Nov 272016

Check pout Helionox from MR.B Games. Helionox is a movement based strategy Deck building game.

Sean Brown compares this too Star Realms and after playing Star Realms and hearing what Sean had to say about Helionox I really can’t wait to play.

Nov 252016

In This Box Breaking Matt takes a look at a Nightmare Before Christmas through the eyes of Munchkin. It has a ghoulish spin and you can play as a citizen from your favorite holiday town.

This is one of the coolest versions of Munchkin yet!

Nov 212016

A unique card game from Megacon games where players go on a “treasure” hunt.

I don’t get to play card games that often anymore, but Dumpster Diver fills a niche.  It’s small enough you cann carry it anywhere and it’s easy to learn and a fast play making it both a gateway game and a play while you wait game.

Nov 162016

Drakerys was recently kickstarted and debuted  at Gen Con 2016. I love this game for the simplicity it brings.  It makes a great gateway game for the miniatures world.

I am a huge fan of the “initiative” system.  Check  out the How to demo I filmed at Gen Con 2016.