Jun 252017

The Heavy Gear Assault development team is very pleased to announce that Dream Pod 9 has renewed our Heavy Gear license until 2022. We are fully committed to the Heavy Gear universe and we are poised to continue bringing new features and content online in a competitive multiplayer format following our Early Access development schedule. We have some very exciting announcements planned regarding our first Early Access eSports tournament so please stay tuned!


Introducing the Leopard, a light weight, all terrain Gear developed in the North specifically as a duelist and light combat Gear.




Over the next few weeks, they’ll implement the Leopard into the game.

Jun 252017

I caught up with Will Hungerford of Privateer Press to talk about Company of Iron! What small and medium bases only Oh my! This is the first time the box has been seen in public.

I am super excited for Company of Iron! It might be the best way to introduce new players into the world of Warmachine and Hordes. I hope to make it to Gen Con 50 to play a game or a place in Fort Wayne shortly after.

Warpath Firefight: The Other Sci-Fi Game from England

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Feb 162017

enforcers-plagueWarpath Firefight: The Other Sci-Fi Game from England



I decided to do a write up of this game after my first two games played.  I also watched a third.  The most amazing thing is they occurred one after another in a space of five hours.  This is a new game to my group.  We backed it on Kickstarter.  

We went whole hog, full bore, so to speak.  Not content to just kill the other player we decided to play scenarios as the designers intended.  The armies used were Marauders (Orc like race), Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere (Normal Human Soldiers), and Forge Fathers (Dwarves).  I was maneuvered into playing Forge Fathers.  Not a choice I would have normally made.  After my two games I love the stunty little bastids’.  We played at 1250 point suggested level.  

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From Privateer Press Tristan Durant

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Jan 292017


Since becoming a full-fledged warcaster®, Tristan Durant has been elevated to high station as a sovereign of the Protectorate. He serves the Creator by spreading the word of Menoth to all who would hear it. Though compassionate, Durant does not hesitate to unleash holy wrath in Menoth’s name upon his enemies, particularly when such foes threaten the safety of the growing flock under his protection.



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Figure Forge 76 Gharial for Dropzone Commander

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Dec 202016

Watch as Matt assembles the Shaltari Gharial Command Grav Tank for Dropzone Commander from Hawk Wargames.

For those of you thinking about DZC I highly recommend it.  Super easy to learn and next to no clunk in the rules.