Sep 132014

In this Box Breaking Matt takes a good look at the Post Human republic for Dropzone Commander from Hawk Wargames.  The Post Himan Republic is a society of humans that left civilization generations ago.  Now they highly sophisticated cyborgs and other technolgies that represent them as a race.





Chec back soon for our demo series on DZC,

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Sep 132014

In Part 2 of the PRDF Box Breaking Matt goes over the details of the PRDF GP Squad.  This task force features 1 Cheiftan and 4 Warriors Heavy Gear is made an produced by Dream Pod 9.



In part on, linked below,  Matt discusses how the task force can be applied to the beta rules.  Check back soon for our How to play HG series.

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Sep 112014

9781782006381-th2A Fistful of Kung Fu is a 28 mm miniatures skirmish game that puts Hong Kong fighting films in the game world. Yes this game allows you to do cart wheel kicks! The system offers an array of unique mechanics that can easily be adapted to the D6 systems. We’ll get into that in a little bit.

The Book

Published by Osprey Publishing

Written by Andrea Sfiligoi

It is a bout 70 pages. It follows an easy to follow path that teaches an experienced player how to play in only minutes. There are plenty of charts and easy ti follow diagrams inserted where they belong.

The Game

A Fistful of Kung Fu introduces that skirmish wargamer several new mechanics. The two most important are Quality Q and Chi..

Quality Q is an attribute that basically combines everything physical (strength, and agility for example). You use this to make a variety of checks in game, like combat or acrobatics. Q is also the base for morale checks.

Chi is an ability that comes into play by spending it. It can be used for a wide variety of things.

Ignoring turnover (remaining the aggressor)

Reduce a combat effect

+1 to a single combat roll

Chi Leap

Chi abilities

Motivate extras

Before you start playing you must build a force which is also different from most wargames. In A Fistful of Kung Fu your gang is structured with one protagonist, a first student (mini boss in video games), and minions (kobolds). Your protagonist is a real bad dude. When you create your force you also make your protagonist. He is a lot more expensive than the rest of your team, because he is what your team is really about. While designing him you select several extra skills and chi abilities.

Your first student is just a few notches down from the protagonist so don’t get too cocky with him.

When you finish building a force you will have a gang of 10 to 15 mini’s.

Once your forces are built, the defender will deploy terrain. The attacker will deploy his protagonist. This will alternate until all models are deployed. Then initiative is rolled. The active player will activate all of his models until there is a “turnover”. Turnover is basically the reflection of the two gangs struggling for the upper hand. When one gang fails a check the mechanics might dictate the possibility that the active player can loose initiative. I love this mechanic. It isn’t the simple I go you go method, nor is it the alternate activations system; but it can be both. It does an excellent job of grasping the chaotic spirit of combat.

Combat works pretty much like it does in any other game, except that you can use more than one action at a time. Each player rolls a d6 for the model and adds the C (combat ) score to it, The difference between the two gives the victor an amount points to spend on the effects table. As you might imagine outnumbering can be quite beneficial. Outnumbering grants the larger force a +1 to the roll, a protagonist can’t be outnumbered by a force without a protagonist.

When we played we had a blast. Of course it helps if one player rolls dice well and the other poorly. I managed to pull off feats like disarming, and killing minions with single blows. It didn’t seem fair. But my opponent’s protagonist was a one tough dude. It took me forever to take him down. Especially since he excelled at gun fu. He managed to shoot most of my minions. Heck in the end he nearly killed my model as well. But I ended the game with a combination of aerial techniques worthy of any movie.

A Fistful of Kung Fu is a pleasant surprise that offers a wide variety of game mechanics that are simple to learn. With the crazy activation sequence you always have something to do and never have to leave the table because your’e waiting for your turn.

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Sep 022014

In this Box Breaking Matt Takes a look at PRDF Amy Task Force from DP 9 it includes GP Squad, Strike Squad, Fire Supprt, Patrol Squad, and Infantry.

I spoke with Robert Dubois about the current contents of the Army Task Force deal and how it might change with the beta rules, here is what he had to say.


“The Task Force Deals that we sell now don’t include the rules (either the old field manual or new beta rules) they are only miniatures. But the Task Force Deal has an option to purchase a copy of the rules at a special price the new Beta Rules small b&w format book costs only $11.99 or the old Field Manual small format book costs only $7.99 when purchased as an add-on to the Task Force, here is a link to the PRDF Task Force on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store.

PRDF task Force
There are also so other specially priced add-on orders customers can add to the Task Force like Striders, Decals and Dice. I expect the 4 main factions (North, South, PRDF and NuCoal) task forces to stay the same for a while.”

We are planning to make some small 4 miniature squad packs (Fire Support, Strike and Recon) in the future, like we did for the 4 main faction GP Squads just before Gen Con, as the Beta Rules allows for 4 Gear Squads.

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Sep 022014

Matt takes a look at the new starter box the Resistance for Dropzone Commander from Hawk Wargames.  The models in this kit are resin and beautiful sculpts.




I do believe this is my favorite looking faction.  This starter set will be out soon.  Check back next week to see the Post Human Republic and the Shaltari.

Aug 252014

In this Box Breaking Matt Walks into an alternate history where the Battle for Oil rages in the middle east.  Battle for Oil is produced by Zvezda Games.  This box set is just full of goodies.



I really can’t wait to give this game a try.


Aug 242014

Dave and I have a good talk about the new Heavy Gear Blitz Rules.  Dave Touches on some of the major differences, like no more complicated movement, fire at top speed, and changes to combat.   I hope to get Dave on my first miniatures show in October to chat about some of the other nuances like army construction.

Aug 232014

I approached Kevin at Gen Con and asked to do an interview.  He was happy to chat about everything Palladium Book does while dropping some eggs about the future.




I’m looking forward to some great things for Robotech, Palladium, and Rifts.