Aug 172017

In this Box Breaking Matt Takes a look at the Ruins of Azlant themed dice from Q Workshop. Each die has etched markings or runes hinting free spirits and destiny.

I will keep you posted on how they roll.

Aug 172017

In this Flip Through Matt takes a look at Pathfinders Ultimate Magic from Paizo.  While this book isn’t new it is to Matt so he is sharing.

All in all it’s a good book.  I think at this point some of the material can be expanded upon, but it’s still a solid foundation for growth.

Aug 112017

In this Flip Through Matt takes a look at the first book of the Coalition Wars Campaign The Seige on Tolkeen for Rifts from Palladium Books.  this starts the story of Tech VS. Magic in the Rifts universe – well I mean makes truly volatile.

Currently running a campaign that is leading up this part of Rifts history.