Sep 172015

darkness comes rattlingDarkness Comes Rattling


When Mother Moon create the sun, she also inadvertently created something twisted: the celestial snake Darkness.


Darkness knew only bitterness and jealousy, hating those things which it did not have. In its jealousy, it rose up and swallowed the sun, plunging the world into a perpetual twilight. It is now up to the heroes of the Tribes of Man to gather the lost spirit weapons and hunt down the great snake in order to save the sun and their world.

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Nov 052014

bound by lawGuild: Bound by Law: Lucius Crew


Guild box set contains seven 32mm ‘heroic’ scale miniatures made of high quality plastic, stat cards and upgrades for Malifaux second edition miniature wargame.Contains:

1 Scribe

1 Captain Dashel

1 Lucius

2 Guild Guards

2 Guild Lawyers


Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.


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Aug 232012

In this interview Eric shares with us some thoughts and reasoning behind the move to plastics. He also talks about how it will affect the Puppet Wars, as well as the Malifaux line.


If you want to learn more about the Wyrd Miniature game lines  go here.

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May 022012

Our friends from Wyrd are bringing us the next round of releases for Malifaux.

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Apr 262012

In this Box Breaking Matt busts open the Sonnia Crid boxed set for Malifaux from Wyrd Miniatures



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Apr 192012

In this Box Breaking Matt busts Rasputina and her Arcanist crew from their box.  These models are created for Malifaux by Wyrd Miniatures


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We are going to take some time this some to do more than look at these miniatures – we are going to learn to play.

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Mar 312012

Guild: Brutal Effigy

$ 10.00 SRP


Created in order to fight fire with fire, the Brutal Effigies employed by the Guild are strange beasts indeed – with 4 equine legs and hand-stitched faces, the forces of the Aether breathed life into these strange creations who now fight alongside the Guild in the effort to maintain control over the streets.

This Blister contains 1 metal miniature. This model is supplied unpainted, and assembly may also be required.


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Mar 202012

A gallery of the March Releases from Wyrd miniatures for Malifaux.


Wyrd March 2012

[img src=]28040mm-driftwood.jpg
[img src=]2050mm-driftwood.jpg
[img src=]30alternat-perditia.jpg
[img src=]20alternate-viktorias.jpg
[img src=]10arcanists-gups.jpg
[img src=]00arcanists-swamp-mother.jpg
[img src=]00driftwood-bases.jpg
[img src=]00guild-latigo-pistoleros.jpg
[img src=]00perditia-avatar-of-revelation.jpg
[img src=]00resurrectionist-dead-doxey.jpg
[img src=]00texas-zombies.gif
[img src=]10viktorias-avatar-of-slaughter.jpg