Oct 292013

Cover5-8.5x11-previewAt Con on the Cob we had the chance to chat with Erin and Colleen Garlock of Gothic City Press and Sacred Conviction Cover#1-2013-v2-front-smallCity Production.  They are independent publishers with the mission of exposing new authors to print.  In less than one year they managed to print three anthologies.






You can send your submissions to Gothic City Press and Sacred City Productions.


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Oct 252013

I had the opportunity to chat with Jason Hardy while at Con on the Cob.  We talked about Shadowrun of course.   We specifically hit on some of these; Evolution of game mechanics (light), An archetype book, Ares Corporation,  Splintered State, Intro box set, Sprawl Gangers,  and Crossfire.

You can check out everything you need on Shadowrun at Catalyst Game Labs.

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Oct 242013

Matt caught up with Lester Smith Con on the Cob 2013.  We chat about his current writing projects ( Cthulhu Haiku II and Mythos Madness) and the games he has created.   I have to admit this interview is much more of a conversation.  Lester is so easy to chat with and share things it was almost like we were having a glass of wine chatting about old times. You can catch his kickstarter here.

More interviews from Con on the Cob will be coming soon.