Shadows Over Normandie

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Oct 252015

normandieShadows Over Normandie



A few weeks after D-Day, a U.S. Ranger Company lost in Normandie has to confront the terrifying power of the Nazis’ Cult of the Black Sun. Allied with an ancient Deep Ones tribe, the Cult of the Black Sun is preparing a dark ceremony to summon the great Cthulhu.


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Cthulhu Wars From Game Salute

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Jan 122015

cwarrs3Cthulhu Wars



Cthulhu Wars is a strategy boardgame in which the players take the part of alien races and gods taken from the Cthulhu mythos created by H. P. Lovecraft. The game is physically large, and includes sixty-four figurines of the cultists, monsters, aliens, and Great Old Ones that range in height from approximately 20mm to nearly 180mm.


The game takes place on a map of Earth. Each player takes the part of one of four factions incuded in the base game. At the start of a turn, players Gather Power, then, during a series of Action Rounds, they spend this Power to accomplish various tasks, such as moving units, engaging in battle, summoning monsters, building Gates, casting spells, and Awakening their Great Old One. When all players run out of Power, the Action phase ends and the next turn begins. Victory is determined by accumulating points on the Doom Track. The first player to 30 is the lone victor.


Driving the strategy are a player’s wish to expand his power base, and his need to accomplish six tasks to acquire his faction’s spellbooks. Each faction has a unique set of monsters, spellbooks, and special abilities, and has different requirements to acquire its spellbooks. All factions have multiple strategies open to them.


2-4 players

Ages 12+

90 minute play time



24 Cultist miniatures, six in each color: blue, green, red, yellow

5 Great Old Ones miniatures: Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, Shub-Niggurath, Hastur, The King in Yellow

4 Deep Ones, 2 Shoggoths, 2 Starspawn miniatures

3 Nightgaunts, 3 Flying Polyp, 2 Hunting Horror miniatures

2 Ghouls, 4 Fungi, 3 Dark Young miniatures

6 Undead, 4 Byakhee miniatures

Mapboard of Earth (in two pieces, printed on both sides)

4 Faction Cards

4 Power markers

4 Doom track markers

1 Ritual Annihilation Marker

Starting player tile

24 Spellbooks

12 Desecration markers

22 Gates

1 Player Hints & Tips

1 Rulebook

Words With Lester Smith from Popcorn Press

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Oct 242013

Matt caught up with Lester Smith Con on the Cob 2013.  We chat about his current writing projects ( Cthulhu Haiku II and Mythos Madness) and the games he has created.   I have to admit this interview is much more of a conversation.  Lester is so easy to chat with and share things it was almost like we were having a glass of wine chatting about old times. You can catch his kickstarter here.

More interviews from Con on the Cob will be coming soon.

The Littlest Shoggoth: A Holiday Tale of the Cthulhu Mythos

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Aug 092013

A Holiday Tale of the Cthulhu MythosThe Littlest Shoggoth: A Holiday Tale of the Cthulhu Mythos

$20.00 SRP

The Littlest Shoggoth: A Holiday Tale of the Cthulhu Mythos Of all the Mythos creatures roaming around lost R’lyeh, Squammy the shoggoth is the smallest, least frightening of them all. Tired of being teased and picked on, he sets off for the world of man to prove that he’s got what it takes to be a real monster.

The Littlest Shoggoth is a heartwarming tale of holiday horror. With non-Euclidean verse and sanity-blastingly cute illustrations by award-winning writer and cartoonist, Stan!, it is the perfect addition to any collection of seasonal stories or occult tomes.

Hardcover, color, 56 pages

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Cthulhu Fluxx Street Date August 17th

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Jun 042012

Cthulhu Fluxx

$ 16.00 SRP


Follow the wild-eyed Poet, the obsessed Artist, and the expeditions of the Professor, as they investigate Eldritch Secrets no mortal was meant to discover. Someone has stolen the Necronomicon from the library at Miskatonic University, and a Farm in the hills is undergoing a horrifying Metamorphosis. Meanwhile, unspeakable abominations stir in Penguin-riddled Tombs beneath the ice. Are you Inevitably Doomed to a lifetime of Nightmares in the Sanitarium, or are you, in fact, a Secret Cultist, worshiping the Minions of Darkness? Gaze upon the ever- changing face of Madness with Cthulhu Fluxx!


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Cthulhu by Gaslight March 12th

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Feb 252012

Cthulhu by Gaslight

$ 28.95 SRP

In 1986, avid Sherlockian Bill Barton produced the award-winning first edition of Cthulhu by Gaslight. A second edition, with only slight changes, appeared two years later. Since then a handful of Call of Cthulhu books set in the Victorian era have appeared, and articles and scenarios still crop up from time to time. But it’s been over 20 years (!) since the Gaslight book itself was reprinted or updated. This new edition of Cthulhu by Gaslight has been thoroughly revamped, expanding the book by nearly 50% and adding new material roughly equivalent to the original book’s length. With this book and a copy of the Call of Cthulhu core rulebook, a prospective Keeper can run a campaign set in Victorian England. This edition provides a strong background in both the Victorian world and the activities of the Cthulhu Mythos within it. So grab your coat, hat, and walking stick, and have the doctor bring his bag and revolver. It’s time to step into a world of Victorian occult adventure — the world of Cthulhu by Gaslight!

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