Simple Chocolate Cherry Protein Energy Bar

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Jul 262015

As part of Con survival week I’ve decided to share with you one of my favorite recipes for an energy/protein bar.  This Chocolate Cherry bare is simple to make and is far healthy for you than thos things you would by at your gas station.

It has a balance of protein, carbs, and fat that is just about right for me when I’m on the move or when I go longer between meals than I should.

I hope to see you at Gen Con, and I have to thank all of my kickstarter backers for inspiring me to make this happen it was a lot of fun.

Avoiding Dehydration: Part One of Con Survival Week

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Jul 212015

When I was younger my peers would almost always think of two things when my name was brought up, martial arts and shooting. It was almost as if my name was synonymous with the thought. Fortunately for me, those that really knew me thought of Christianity and comic books as well. Looking back at the younger days, there are few things I remember more than the martial arts and shooting. Is that good or bad? I can’t really say, but it does bring me to some particular memories.

One of those relates to shooting, and it’s not about the sound of a bullet tearing through a paper target. It is the constant emphasis that culture of people puts on safety, and I’m not just talking about gun safety. There were times we would attend classes at military bases, for me that usually meant Camp Perry. As a shooter you have all kinds of responsibilities. One of those was being part of a team and pulling targets for the marksman. One of my most vivid memories is the army medics going up and down the line making sure you had enough water. It was almost always a quart per hour based on the level of exertion and the season. Which brings me to our first topic – avoiding dehydration.

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It’s Con Survival Week!

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Jul 212015

Hello gamers, and welcome to Con Survival week! What is Con Survival week? Well it’s my tips and tricks for returning home safe from your journey without the dreaded con crud that slowly gnaws at your soul once you’ve returned. No seriously, it is about how to survive without too many health issues.

Over the next week, I’ll be sharing with you all kinds of tips that I have learned over the years through one experience or the other. I will be pulling on memories from just about everything I’ve ever done – marksmanship, cross country, MMA, conventions, and judging several Magic events that lasted whole weekends. All of these will come into play as we discuss everything from the most basic safety tips to eating right and getting a good night’s rest before driving home. Oh and I nearly forgot, I’ll be sharing some recipes too!