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Aug 042015

At Gen con one of the very first things I had the opportunity to do was to sit down with Neil Fawcett from Spartan Games.   It was the first time they visited us in the states and I think it’s the beginning of many more.

I did two interviews with them where we chat about Firestorm Armada, the return of Uncharted Seas, Dystopian Wars, Planetfall, and of course HALO. The first is below.  I had to refilm it because of the background noise, Neil has a soft voice.   I wasn’t going to keep this interview at all, but there is enough in it that we didn’t cover in the second interview that I couldn’t ignore it.

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Uncharted Seas June Releases for Spartan Games

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Jun 092012

Imperial Human Kingfisher Class Heavy Cruiser (1 model per blister)

The design of the Imperial Navy vessels is classical. The Kingfisher Class Heavy Cruiser is a majestic galleon that gracefully traverses the seas with its huge sails bulging in the wind and its mighty black powder cannons claiming victims on the horizon


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More From Spartan Games Uncharted Seas Releases

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Nov 262011

Here we go Another set of releases for Uncharted Seas.   I haven’t played in about a year, but I will admit these new models are making me want to play again.  I think my favorite from this batch is The Imperial Humans Assault Air Balloons.


I hope to have a demo Game up in the near future.  I have a lot on my plate right now with the holidays.


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