Words With Julie Ahern from Greenbrier Games at Origins 2015

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Jun 152015

In this interview with Julie Ahern from Greenbrier Games we chat about Folkllore the Affliction, Zpocalypse the sequel, and Yashima.

I’m super excited about Yashima and I’ll have something very soon for you.

Countdown to to Gen Con 8 Days Out; A look at Golem Arcana

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Aug 042014


Only 8 days left, are you excited yet? Well yesterday we discussed a Dropzone Commander. A game that when it came on the scene it hit the ground running and hasn’t stopped since. Today I’d like to talk about Golem Arcana from Hairbrained Schemes. Hairbrained Schemes is a small group of passionate game developers lead by Jordan Weisman, complete list here.


Duranni colossus

Golem Arcan is a new game that could potentially hold some keys to the future of gaming. Let’s start with the basics. Golem Arcana is a miniatures board game that is striving to incorporate the use of smart devices. I did get a look at the miniatures at Origins and the are excellent. Beautifully sculpted with dynamic poses and painted with vibrant colors, what you would expect from an average to an above average hobby painter. While the miniatures are an important part of the game I don’t believe they are the focus.


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Jul 162014

First I’m sorry this took so long, but I had a lot of unforeseen problems after Origins that prevented me from taking the time to break this down into three parts. For example flooding put our internet provider under water, that makes the whole social media thing pretty difficult.  There were other weather problems but no access to the internet was the worst. But Randall and I did talk at Origins game Fair about nearly everything Catalyst related.  Since Randall had so much to say it was necessary to break it into smaller segments.

  • Sprawl Gangers
  • Battletech and SR box sets
  • Valiant, The Duke, and Hostile Takeover

Part one is about the current trends with Sprawl Gangers. The Skirmish Game that takes place in the Shadowrun Universe. We do chat about Valiant briefly but we come back to it later.

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Words With Adrew from Steve Jackson Games

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Jun 252014

Andrew Hackard and I have a good chat about everything Munchkin from Steve Jackson Games while at Origins.  I even manage to wrestle some top secret information out of him.     Here it is.

You can learn more about all of Steve’s Games at Steve Jackson Games.

Looney Pyramids – Treehouse From Looney Labs

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Oct 072012

Looney Pyramids – Treehouse

$ 16.00

Release Date: Oct 2012

Treehouse is a fast, fun, easy-to-learn game for 2 to 4 players, winner of the Origins Award for Best Board Game of 2006. Your goal is to rearrange your pyramids to match the set in the center of the table, using only the moves you roll on the custom die. Rules to a bonus game, Pharaoh, are also included, along with a colorful 24 page Guide to Looney Pyramids promoting the game system and 11 other games that can be played with the pyramids. Packaged in a pyramid shaped zippered pouch (5.5″ x 3.25″ x 3.25″) with 15 pyramids, 2 custom dice, and instructions for two games.

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Get this and other fun family games from Looney Labs today to play with you kids

Looking Back at Origins 2012

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Jun 072012

Origins is always a crazy week for me.  Often it comes and goes before I even lay my head down, so it seems.   This year was no exception.  It was another full blown schedule and we added media coverage to the list this year.  I guess I ‘m a glutton for punishment.   My con went something like this.

I arrived in Columbus Ohio around noon only to find the off ramp I use is closed.  “Oh no,” I wondered, “is this a sign?”  Then I pulled off to see a boarded up building.  “Am I in the wrong part of town?” I thought.  About ten minutes later I parked my van and I was still alive.  Registration was a breeze.   I spent the rest of the day unloading the van, setting up terrain and waiting on Jason and Gerrit.

The plan with Jason and Gerrit was to play a game of Heavy Gear and display how well I knew the rules.   I was so educated, I may never graduate.  At least they prepared me for what was to come.

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Soda Pop Miniatures John Cadice Talks about Super Dungeon Explore

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Jun 062012

Interview with John Cadice of Soda pop Miniatures talking about Super Dungeon Explore and its first expansion (Caverns of Rock Sore).  John Also does a Box breaking of the Basic Super Dungeon Explore game during this interview.

I am yet to pick up a copy of of Super Dungeon Explore, I think my boys will love it.   I have to get caught up on a few thing first, but  I can’t deny how good it looks.

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