Jul 162014

First I’m sorry this took so long, but I had a lot of unforeseen problems after Origins that prevented me from taking the time to break this down into three parts. For example flooding put our internet provider under water, that makes the whole social media thing pretty difficult.  There were other weather problems but no access to the internet was the worst. But Randall and I did talk at Origins game Fair about nearly everything Catalyst related.  Since Randall had so much to say it was necessary to break it into smaller segments.

  • Sprawl Gangers
  • Battletech and SR box sets
  • Valiant, The Duke, and Hostile Takeover

Part one is about the current trends with Sprawl Gangers. The Skirmish Game that takes place in the Shadowrun Universe. We do chat about Valiant briefly but we come back to it later.

In part two we talk about the current state of plastic miniatures for Classic Battletech. Briefly we address the new lance packs and their application to Alpha Strike. Then we move onto the Shadowrun Box set err I mean sets.



In part 3 we talk about Valiant. There is a cool story to the origin of this game. it has been a year since I’ve mentioned The Duke so Randall brought me up to speed.  Plus he brings up the progress of Hostile Takeover, a eurostyle board game. Briefly we talk about the plans for Gen Con. Then puts a bark out their for a very new card game Bravest Warrior.

I have to thank Randall for taking an hour out of his busy convention schedule to talk to me.