Important Warpaints News

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Apr 122012

The hight anticipated Warpaint line has bee delayed.

Warpaints Street Release Date – 20th April 2012
Rather randomly, the Warpaints are arriving to Distributors in the US. Official shipping date is 11. April but unfortunately not all Distributors are able to fulfill this completely. Some orders will be shipped a few days later but hopefully all orders should be with Retailers for the Street Release of Friday 20th April.
This date is a few days later than anticipated and we apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.
Hopefully we can all enjoy a great release and reap the benefits of this great product along with more sales of both Primers and Quickshade – as the Warpaints have been designed to support – as well as stand alone.


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Basing the Skarrd Warbanb

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Jan 012012

This is a simple Basing Video using materials from around the house and some Army Painter tufts.



There is The Skarrd Warband Based.   Basing is something I avoided for a long time because I though it would be a pain.  Now I find it a relaxing end to painting a mini.


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