May 222014

CoBIn this Flip Through Matt Takes a look at the Champions of Balance for Pathfinder.  This book is a tool for the player of neutral Characters.  That doesn’t mean that a GM can’t use this book effectively.  It offers the GM options on creating specific storyline features for his game.






You can pick it up At Paizo .

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May 192014

In this Figure Forge Matt assemble the General Purpose Cadre for the Southern Army for Heavy Gear Blitz.   I did quite a bit of editing on this video because the gears are so similar.  I decided to cut a  lot of the repetition out for you.  The end result is complete instructions for one gear and about 30 minutes less video time.



Music Black Black Hole performed by 3 Minute Pop Songs

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Killer Bunnies: Heroes vs. Villains Starter Set

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Aug 132013

Killer Bunnies Heroes vs. Villains Starter SetKiller Bunnies: Heroes vs. Villains Starter Set

$30.00 SRP


Killer Bunnies: Heroes vs. Villains is a fast-paced, action card game where players may choose to be a defender of goodness, courageousness and virtue by playing the Hero Super Bunnies or a generator of chaos, evilness and deceit by playing the Villain Super Bunnies. Which will you choose?


Killer Bunnies: Heroes vs. Villains: Blue Starter Deck is a standalone game in the Killer Bunnies universe. Drawing and playing cards from a shared deck, players may choose to be a defender of goodness, courageousness and virtue by playing the Hero Super Bunnies or a generator of chaos, evilness and deceit by playing the Villain Super Bunnies. Whoever they are, the players use their bunnies’ powers to build cities, attack opponents, and protect themselves. The first player who has a predetermined number of bunnies in the Bunny Circle and cities in the City Circle wins!


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Jun 122013

DP9-LogoB&WsmallMatt takes a look at the Forge in Fire Southern Field Guide from Dream Pod 9 for Heavy Gear.  He shows you why the new field guides are huge improvement.  The field guide features history, vehicle compendium, data cards, army building, and league rules.

If you wish to learn  more about Heavy Gear feel free to visit Dream Pod 9.


You can get the PDF at Drivethru RPG


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Heavy Gear Assault on Kickstarter

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May 212013

About a year ago Stompy Bot Productions began developing Heavy Gear Assault.  They managed to keep a lot of the details secret, but just about everyone realized the game was going to be influenced by Heavy Gear Arena.  I have been waiting a long while to find out about all the details.  I’m happy to let you know about their  Kickstarter.

You can also join John Ngyuen on Through Gamer Goggles News Tuesday night 9:00 P.M. E.S.T. at

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DP 9 Consolidates Rules Resources

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Apr 182013

- logo DP9 b&wConsolidated Rules Resources

We’ve taken all of the current errata posted across our Gear UP e-zines
and books, and consolidated them into a single file for easy access. In
addition to the errata file which also includes the Post 1940 Upgrades for
the North and Peace River, we have also made available the Duelist Rules
from Perfect Storm and the Veteran Survivor & League Rules from Terra Nova
Gambit as a free download for our fans. Lastly, the Beta Threat Values
published in Gear UP 5 are included here for ease of access. Don’t forget
that you can download the Heavy Gear Blitz Core Rules Field Manual for
free on Drive Thru RPG. Enjoy!

Heavy Gear Blitz Core Rules Field Manual

Heavy Gear Blitz Errata & Post 1940 Upgrades (North & Peace River)

Heavy Gear Blitz Optional League Rules and Survivor Upgrades.pdf


Heavy Gear Blitz Optional Duelist Rules.pdf

Heavy Gear Blitz Beta Threat Values

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The Ultimate Equipment Guide for Pathfinder

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Jun 122012

Ultimate Equipment

$ 44.99 SRP

Slated for August

Choose your weapon and stride boldly into battle with Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Equipment! Within this handy, all-in-one reference, you’ll find 400 jam-packed pages of magic items and adventuring gear, from simple camping equipment and weapons up to the most earth-shaking artifacts. Included as well are handy rules references, convenient price lists, and extensive random treasure generation tables, all organized to help you find what you need, when you need it. With this vast catalog of tools and treasures, the days of boring dragon hoards are over, and your hero will never be caught unprepared again.

Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Equipment is a must-have companion volume to the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook. This imaginative tabletop game builds on more than 10 years of system development and open play tests featuring more than 50,000 gamers to create a cutting-edge RPG experience that brings the all-time best-selling set of fantasy rules into the new millennium.

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Apr 102012

Reaper and Dream Pod 9 have teamed together to bring Heavy Gear fans their very own paint set.


From Dream Pod 9

“Our friends at Reaper Miniatures have released the Heavy Gear Blitz Master Series Paint Set as a great one-stop set of paints for all Heavy Gear miniatures. This set includes 36 Master Series paints, 32 of which are never-before-seen colors created especially for Dream Pod 9. This set includes paint colors for all of the Heavy Gear Blitz factions and we will provide painting suggestions using these color names in the future.”



Here are the colors.







And here is the case.










Now DP and Beasts of War are doing a facebook contest.  From now until May 4th on lucky person who signs up on Dram Pod 9’s facebook page will win one of these kits.


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Fantasy Flight Expands Descent

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Mar 262012

Descent Second Edition Conversion Kit

$ 24.95 SRP

The Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition Conversion Kit includes everything you need to transfer your first edition heroes and monsters to second edition. With Second Edition-compatible cards for every monster and hero ever produced (including promotional heroes!), this convenient conversion kit is an indispensable tool. So whether you want to bring your extensive Descent collection with you on new adventures, or you’ve got a favorite hero that you choose every time, we’ve got you covered.

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New for Hero System in April

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Mar 102012

Book of the Empress

$39.99 SRP


THE POWER OF THE EMPRESS The Champions Universe features many deadly super villains, but perhaps the most dangerous of them all is Istvatha V’han, Empress of a Billion Dimensions. Ruler of an empire that encompasses much of the Multiverse, she now has her sights set on the greatest prize of all: Champions Universe Earth! —a history of the Empress, from her earliest days conquering single planets up to her recent attempts to invade Earth’s dimension —an in-depth look at the Empress herself — her powers, motivations, and resources —a review of the Imperial Legions — the mighty V’hanian military — including its regular soldiers, superhuman soldiers, weapons, and vehicles —a description of the Multiverse of the Champions Universe, including its nature, its structure, and numerous example dimensions —a description of the V’hanian Empire itself, including V’han’s regents and viceroys, the imperial bureaucracy, the Imperial Security Force, how she plans and executes the conquest of a dimension, and her current plans for Earth

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