Jun 262012

This was my first year at AnCon.  Keeping that in mind I scheduled events  with no expectations.  When I showed up in Hudson I was not overly surprised by the  number of people at the show.  What I was surprised at was running an event almost immediately.  As it turns out our event success rate was about as high as Origins.  Considering the difference in the size of the show I consider 5 new players  (the same number we had at Origins) huge success.

I have already emailed the players thanked them for playing, they made our experience a success.  I would also like to extend a thanks to the crew of MTSB gaming for running the con.

I had a blast at this show I even played some games.  I role played the part of Batman and made him say “yo”.  I wish I would have made him say “Semper Fi”.  Something makes me think Batman would be an awesome marine, even if he isn’t very gung-ho.   It was my first Mutants and Masterminds experience.  I am ready for more.   Batman and Green Arrow were well um almost juvenile in this adventure.  While Superman and Wonder Woman were a little more serious than we were.  Even if I had no idea I was butchering persona of Batman, I had fun.  I am even looking forward to collecting comics again sometime in the near future.

I even played a miniatures game, House Tek.  Well Table Tek really uses action figures.  That is right action figures.  It is a homebrew set of rules that uses everything in the house as terrain.  Every mini player should buy this game just to show their spouse there is a bright side to our little men.  All joking aside, it is a really good game.  I had a blast flying right down the middle on a suicide run, that didn’t even kill me right away.  I did kind of make my team mates disgruntled by my aggressive move.

I also wanted to take the time to thank Dave Cook for creating Heebie Jeebies.  It is a great new, not yet released, party game that makes people squirm.   Think about it, what gives you the heebie jeebies?  I am sure it is in the game.  If not visit the kickstarter and email Dave your idea.

We are already making plans for next year, you better be there.


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