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Aug 032014

I have managed to get some rest. I hope that mu post yesterday made sense, because I was out of it. Anyway I’d like to chat today about Dropzone Commander from Hawk Wargames. Since I first saw the pictures of these minis nearly two years ago I have been drooling over this game. I know it has been out for two years, but I live in a smaller city where the game stores focus on a handful of board games and Magic the Gathering. So I really haven’t seen it yet. Yes there are a lot of pictures and on the internet, but I like to examine minis. I did manage to get my hands on the starter though and I’m extremely impressed.


The story takes place far in the future (2670) where humanity barley exists. The race is scattered across frontier planets and Earth has been lost to an alien race. But after being forgotten the humans have decided to start fighting back, thus the war begins! It has a great storyline.


The basic game has two small forces, UNC and Scourge. The starter also includes a great rulebook, and terrain. Oh I forgot to mention dice and a measuring tape.


As I said before the miniatures are gorgeous. There is four factions and resin scenery. My favorite faction, based on looks, is either the PHR or the Shaltari. The PHR are a small tribe of humans that have really cool looking walkers. While the Shaltari are a technologically advanced civilization with some well weird looking vehicles that look like a lot of fun to paint. The Scenry is absolutely phenomenal. I have to get some of these. I play a lot of games and these kits are universal. Check out the Monorail.


Hawk Wargames have been busy with this game in the last year, They have added the United States to their convention tour. I have recently learned that the game has box sets designed for tournament play. What a great idea. Sadly, that has made me realize that I know far less about Hawk Wargames and Dropzone Commander than I though t I did. I really am excited about interviewing them and checking out the new releases.


I am going to come back from Gen Con with a lot more knowledge about Dropzone Commander. Of course I will share everything I learn with you.


Til tomorrow have fun.



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