Aug 122014

Heavy Gear Blitz - Tabletop Wargaming - Beta Rules Cover Small WebWell it’s the last day til Gen Con. It is going to be an amazing show. If you’re a Heavy Gear fan or interested in Heavy Gear I have one more thing to say.  Today August 12th I will bring you a handful of videos on Heavy Gear including a Flip Through (4:00P.M. E.S.T.D. on YouTube) of the New Heavy Gear Blitz Beta Rules for Tabletop Wargaming. The Heavy Gear Blitz Beta Rules are the most anticipated event of the show for me.

Heavy Gear is a combined arms game that is set in the future, where humans pilot armored battle suits into battle. The settlers of Terra Nova have been cut off from earth and they struggle for political power. This often creates hostile actions that can lead to war.


The planet of Terra Nova isn’t too different from our Earth. It has jungles, forests, mountains, lakes, and a vast desert that runs through the center of planet that separates the north from the south.

I have been reading the PDF for about a week now, don’t worry they aren’t that complicated. I just don’t get to read everyday. They are certainly worth a look if you want a combined arms game. Especially since you can download them free at Drive Thru Rpg. For those of you that plan on buying the soft cover book I suggest you get the download as well. Dream Pod 9 does an excellent job of updating their pdf’s, which means if and when there is errata they fix the book. If you download it through Drive Thru RPG you will get automatic updates about the changes.


Here is what I have learned.

Major changes:

No more multipliers – straight opposed numbers.

Modifiers appear to be built into the dice you roll and not the target number.

bonus dice often figured into weapon traits

AE no longer drifts – blast trait is cool

Movement has changed a good bit. No need for blitz dice.  Models are now considered to move at combat speed unless otherwise announced or they are given a command action.  At the end of the activation they return to combat speed – actions can prevent this.  Secondary movement modes add +1 inch to movement, from what I’ve seen, and you can fire at top speed.

You can download a free copy of the rules here.


I’m bot done reading the rules yet.  I reserve the right to say I was wrong.  Hopefully I’m not speaking too soon but I’m pretty excited.  Dram Pod 9 is at Gen Con this Weekend.  Get over to booth 1904 and play a demo of the Beta Rules.