May 182015

Announcing the Titans’ Introduction to Game Design Seminar

Titans of Gaming team up to offer five-hour seminar to Titan Series backers
Redmond, WA-May 15, 2015. Calliope Games announced a new benefit to backers of their Titan Series Kickstarter. All backers at the Titan and Mt. Olympus levels will now be invited to attend an online seminar introducing them to the basics of game design.

In addition to their impressive design credentials, Titan Series designers Rob Daviau, James Ernest, Mike Elliot, Mike Mulvihill, and Jordan Weisman all have teaching experience at universities and learning institutions across the US. Each will share their knowledge and experience in one-hour segments for a total of five hours of content available exclusively to Titan Series backers.

“Many of our backers have had an idea for a game of their own, and hope to make that idea into a reality.” says Ray Wehrs, President of Calliope Games. “Offering this seminar is a natural way to fulfill both our commitment to our backers and our goal of furthering the hobby.”

The Titan Series is just $8,000 shy of its funding goal with 14 days to go. More details on the seminar will be released after the $135,000 goal is met.

Origins Game Fair Press Appointments

Calliope Games will be at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH from June 4-7. Will you? If so, please email Cassidy to schedule an appointment to come by the booth! We’ll have Titan Series news in additional to a sneak peek at the tenth anniversary edition of Tsuro.

About Calliope Games

Calliope Games publishes family-friendly tabletop games, including Tsuro and Roll For It!. Calliope games are:

  •     Carefully crafted so kids and adults can play on a equal footing;
  •     Playable in sixty minutes or less;
  •     Designed for 2-8 players;
  •     Affordable–most games retail for $30 or less;
  •     Fun for folks of all ages!

For more information on Calliope Games, please contact Cassidy Werner at Caliope Games

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