Nov 012011

 Con on the Cob Interview with Destini Beard

Hudson Ohio 2011


Well, this is our interview with Destini Beard, a young singer who could only have been gifted such a talented voice.

This is what we will cover in the audo file.

  • Brief Bio and history
  • How she found singing.
  • Where you can find her on the web.
  • What is it like to specialize in gaming music.
  • Her favorite – Phantom of the Opera
  • She travels alot
  • What games she plays.  Little known to herself she has hints in the interview that she is a gm.
  • Careers and her goals
  • Plug to Con on the Cob
  • She explains voice overs in less than 100 words.
  • How she has influenced the industry.
  • Music By Destini Beard.


Coblin Player


You can find Destini facebook here

This is Destini’s YouTube channel

This is Destini’s web page.



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