Nov 032011

Con on the Cob Interview With Andy Hopp


In this interview we talk a a lot about the origin of Con on the Cob. While we are doing this Andy’s daughter, Aurora,  hijacks the interview once, or twice.  The  very first question tells us who Andy is and how straight his priorities are.


Here is what we cover in the interview

  • Andy Hopp origins
  • The history of Con on the Cob
  • Plans for next year
  • Games and stories Andy has written
  • What it is like to run a con

So here you go the Interview.  The music is by Aurora Hopp (age 3)

Coblin Player

I believe that about covers it all.  Even though I believe Andy and I could have talked forever.


Thanks for listening, and thanks for being at the con if you were there.

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