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OTONTIN: Warriors of the Lost Empire from Game Salute

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May 152014

oto04OTONTIN: Warriors of the Lost Empire



In OTONTIN, players are ferocious Aztec Warriors forming and destroying alliances as they rise to power within the Empire.


Each turn is played in three phases: Campaign, Strategy and War. During the Campaign phase, players roll dice to determine their wealth and military strength. They then negotiate with other players during the Strategy phase, secretly joining alliances or giving Attack or Defense orders via Tactic Cards that are played faced down.


During the War phase, Tactic Cards are revealed and battles commence! The game ends when a player’s stronghold is worth 20 cocoa beans.


OTONTIN is a volatile card game for 3-8 players, ages 10 and up.


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End of Empire: 1744-1783

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Jan 242014

end of empire1End of Empire: 1744-1783



End of Empires: 1744-1783 is a two player game covering the three great conflicts fought on the North American continent between 1744 and 1783: King George’s War, sometimes known as the Old French War, which was part of the War of the Austrian Succession), the French and Indian War, part of the Seven Years War (known in England as the Great War for Empire), and the American Revolutionary War. The French and Indian War ended the French Empire in Canada; the American Revolution ended the British Empire in the 13 American colonies.


Each End of Empire game turn represents two months’ time. Each year consists of one spring turn, two summer turns, one fall turn, and two winter turns. Each hex is approximately 20 miles across. Units are mostly regiments but a few represent other sizes, each step represents approximately 250 men.


End of Empire features two maps showing eastern North America. Each hex or town contains natural and/or man-made features that can affect the movement of units and the combat between units.


End of Empire is an Epic game and perhaps the most detailed coverage of the critical period that saw the Empires of England, France, and Spain exit North America and the rise of the United States of America. With thirteen (yes, 13) scenarios, End of Empire represents plenty of value for your gaming dollar.



Two 22 x 34 inch maps

Four countersheets (9/16” size)

One rulebook

One scenario book

Multiple reference cards

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Legend of the Five Rings: Naishou Province (RPG)

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Aug 272013

Legend of the Five Rings Naishou Province (RPG)Legend of the Five Rings: Naishou Province (RPG)

$19.99 SRP                                                                         



“May you live in the most interesting of times.”-Old Akodo curse


In a forgotten corner of the Empire of Rokugan lies the small Naishou province. Unremarkable in virtually every way for as long as anyone can remember, the provincial governor of Naishou died under mysterious circumstances some time ago, and since then, things in the province have gotten interesting. Intrigue and treachery have become the order of the day, and even the most honorable of samurai find themselves placed in impossible positions, both by the plots of enemies hidden in the shadows as well as by the machinations of their own allies.


Secrets of the Empire: Naishou Province provides both Game Masters and players with new tools to enjoy the world of Rokugan with a level of detail that has never been attempted before. One entire province of the Empire has been completely detailed, although room has been left for individual groups to fill in the blanks with their own ideas and creations.


In this book you will find:

  • A map of the Naishou Province, taken from the records of the Imperial Cartographers of the Emperor!
  • All the information on Toshi no Naishou, the provincial capital and the center of its most intense and unforgiving intrigue!
  • The Lion Elite Spearmen School, a time-honored tradition of warfare previously only seen in other incarnations of the Legend of the Five Rings brand!


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WarHammer Fantasy RPG: The Enemy Within from Fantasy Flight Games

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Nov 082012

WarHammer Fantasy RPG: The Enemy Within

Release Date: Nov 2012

$ 59.95

Who is the man in the black hood? Explore classic themes of corruption and betrayal in The Enemy Within, a massive campaign for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay that takes characters all the way from their first sessions to the pinnacles of legend. A sinister figure stands poised to thrust the Old World into chaos, but fate has chosen an unlikely band of heroes to oppose him. Can you solve this mystery before it’s too late?

I know everyone of you have came up with a cool background for your favorite champion in your fantasy Warhammer Fantasy armies now is your chance to see if you can live up to you dream thanks to Fantasy Flight Games see how you do at making it all come true.

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Space Empires Close Encounters Expansion From GMT Games

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Oct 042012

Space Empires Close Encounters Expansion

$ 59.00

Release Date: Oct 2012

Space Empires: Close Encounters is the first expansion to Space Empires: 4X.Alien races meet up close as they encounter each other for the first time in ship boarding engagements and planetary invasions with different types of ground troops. The strengths and weaknesses of each alien empire are brought out with roughly 20 unique racial abilities. The expansion takes advantage of the streamlined nature of the game system to add more technology and cool sci-fi things in very simple ways. While it is designed to be used as a whole, the expansion is modular and players can choose to use only the parts that they like.

Get this and more from GMT Games and go kick some alien butt.

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Games Workshop Unveils the New Empire Models

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Mar 302012

GW has announced the April releases and they are full of the new Empire models.  They went ahead and made a video of it.    Here it is.



You can also visit  Games Workshop to se all of the models, including finecast.


I, for the first time in a long time, am happy with some of these models.  My favorite is Karl Franz, On Deathclaw.

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L5R Embers of War

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Feb 082012

L5R Embers of War BD

L5R: Embers of War SD

In the distant Colonies, once known as the Ivory Kingdoms, the samurai of Rokugan gather the resources the Empire needs to survive. Threatened by unknown enemies and pitted against one another in politics and economics, will their honor and steel prove strong enough for the Second City to survive? Embers of War is the brand new expansion for the fan-favorite Legend of the Five Rings Collectible Card Game from AEG. It follows the release of Emperor Edition, the new base set, releasing in February 2012. Now that peace has settled and the riches of the new land conquered by the Empress’ forces are discovered, new alliances and rivalries are formed, both on the mainland and the Colonies. Who will benefit the most?



I have recently reclaimed some of my L5R collection and I am looking forward to this.

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