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If you haven’t read the first two installments of this article you might want to start there.


I have gone ahead and converted a Ellyrian Reaver into a Centigor.  Since, I am not very artsy I am quite happy with the result.  I even think it is a better representation of the what I believe a Centigor should look like than the actual models.   Below I will give you the step by step instructions that I used followed by a gallery of photos.

First, you need to grab a Reaver and a pair of nippers.

  • Then you nip off the spear neatly.   Make sure you save it.  I used it on the finished product
  • Next nip off the head and neck of the horse.
  • Hack off the body of the elf.
  • And finally chop off the front legs of your horse.

Second Clean up

  • In this stage you clean up any unwanted parts of the model.  That is you grind, knife, or file the parts that need to disappear.  There are quit a few, but the plastic is softer than a lot of other GW plastic.  That makes it easy to knife.
  • I removed the elf legs, a small portion of the armor (Centigors have light armor), as much of the saddle as possible, and a small part of the tail to make it look more beastly.

Third the Build

  • In this stage I glued on the Gor legs, torso, head and arms.
  • I used the shield to cove a large smooth part on the Gor.
  • For the arms I used one weaponless arm and a spear arm.  Remember I told you I used the spear.  I didn’t lie.  I glued it on another Converted Centigor that has 2 axes instead  of  a spear.  i will get picks soon.
  • I also glued 2 axes to the side of the Centigor conversion and one great axe.  Nowmy Centigor can be used as any build.

Fourth the Putty

  • Looking back at this I should have done the sculpting before gluing on the arms and weapons.  If I would have waited I would have been able to do a better job sculpting.

Fifth Clean up

’nuff said.  It really was pretty easy, and I encourage any player  who wants Centigors to build them.  I paid 10.00 for the bits to make 5.  I think I have done just fine with my money.


These are the photo's of the step by step process of converting my Reavers into Centigors.

[img src=]1120Phase 1
Start with a Reaver
[img src=]690Finished Centigor unpainted
[img src=]460Top of Finished Centigor
After all is said and done a converted Reaver doesn't look bad. Still a few loose ends but I am happy.
[img src=]600Right Side
I am trying to figure out how I am going to mount the throwing axes.
[img src=]380Phase 2
lop off the horses head
[img src=]300Phae 4
clean off elf legs
[img src=]220Phase 3
Lop off the elf
[img src=]240Phase 5
Lop off horse legs
[img src=]190Phase 6
Gab a Gor
[img src=]170Phase 7
Cut the legs off the Gor
[img src=]130Gor
[img src=]250Gor Legs
Added a set of gor legs
[img src=]350Gor
added Gor Torso
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