Numenera: Weird Discoveries

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Apr 092015

weirdNumenera: Weird Discoveries



What’s the hardest part of running a game? It has to be the prep. GMs often commit hours to preparation before the first minute of Play – one of the biggest stumbling blocks to getting campaigns rolling. But what if running a great game didn’t require any more time for the GM than it does for the players?


Weird Discoveries explores the Ninth World with ten meaty, single-session adventures. Run them as one-shots, or drop them into your ongoing campaign when you don’t have time to prep your own adventures. Or run them as a campaign for months worth of effortless play! These aren’t adventure seeds – they’re complete, pre-prepped adventures in an innovative new format.


Weird Discoveries makes prepping for an RPG no more difficult or time consuming than setting up a board game, while showcasing the wonder, mystery, and awe of the Ninth World. A must-have for beginning Numenera GMs and veterans alike!



6 Pre-generated characters

10 Complete adventures


96 pages, Full color, Soft cover

Axis, The Harmonic Enforcer – Convergence Warcaster (white metal)

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Jul 092013

Axis, The Harmonic Enforcer - Convergence Warcaster (white metal)WM: Axis, The Harmonic Enforcer – Convergence Warcaster (white metal)



What Axis lacks in subtlety, he more than makes up for in knowledge, mathematical precision, and brute strength. His dedication to crushing any who oppose the Great Work is matched only by his devotion to Cyriss herself. Armed with his twin hammers Action and Reaction, Axis finds satisfaction in serving the goddess through the calculated destruction of her enemies.


Axis, The Harmonic Enforcer comes in a blister.


A player may field one Axis, The Harmonic Enforcer in a Convergence army.



1 Axis, The Harmonic Enforcer

2 color stat cards

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Desert Heat from Locked and Loaded

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Jun 072013

NAW: Desert Heat

$59.99 SRPdessert heat


It’s the summer of 1943 and Allied forces fight the Axis armies over the burning sands of North Africa. It’s a fluid struggle pitting tanks on tanks, and now you can refight these battles using the popular Nations at War system. Designed by Ralph Ferrari, here you’ll find everything you’re looking for in a platoon-level game! Armor, artillery, infantry that serves as more than cannon fodder, command and control, air support, and desperate close assaults that leave the victor in possession of the ground and the defeated in headlong retreat, all in an easy to learn, challenging to master, game system.


Desert Heat, which focuses on the fighting between the Americans, their British allies, Germans, Italians, and French, includes three counter sheets replete with the vehicles, men, and weapons of the armies that fought in North Africa in 1941-43.


There are 16 scenarios played out on four 11” x 17” geomorphic maps with .75” and .625” counters.

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Dec 152012
> Where did your staff find inspiration for AE WWII: Euorpean Theatre?
The bulk of our inspiration comes from true events.  A lot of the weird elements of AE-WWII are based on real things that happened during WWII.  Few people know how weird the war really was and it’s with just a little creative license that we can turn these true events into the amazing occult and sci-fi elements you find in the game.  Wonder weapons, occult rituals, secret operations – these all took place in surprising frequency during the war and it’s these events that we twist just a bit to become true ‘Weird War II’.
> How long have you been creating the project?
AE-WWII has been around for about six years.  Rob Kingery and I put out the core rulebook in January of 2007 and we had models and playtest rules out in 2006.  Along with Clint Werner we put together a great game with a rich background that gamers really enjoyed.  I’m very excited to be reviving the line with the second edition.
> What is your favorite experimentation?
If you’re asking what my favorite ‘weird’ element of the game is, I’d have to say the Soviets psychic soldiers.  In our timeline people in the Soviet Union have begun to develop psychic powers that are quickly put into military service through the NKVD.  Psi-Cannons that fry the enemy’s brain, Psi-Commandos that are nearly invisible, Banshees that emit a psychic scream and the half-man, half-chimp Chumans are a lot of fun to use and very tactically diverse.  I’ve got a soft spot for my communists.
> What has your largest hurdle been?
Our biggest hurdle with AE-WWII has always been getting more people to hear about the game.  Getting exposure as a small game company with an ‘indie’ miniature game is always tricky.  Without a big budget for marketing, we rely on word of mouth and the support of our fans.  This is one of the many reasons we chose to use Kickstarter for the second edition: it helps us fund the project as well as let everyone know the game is out there.
> With the kick starter funded what do you believe is your biggest challenge?
After meeting the goals of the Kickstarter, our biggest challenge is taking that success and getting the game out into retail stores.  We’re working with distributors to begin a new push for AE-WWII and it’s our hope that a new edition coupled with the success of the Kickstarter campaign will help bring new attention to the game.
> What is the story background?
Wow, that’s a big question.  Clint Werner has put so much work into the alternate history of the game, there’s a lot there.  But the biggest changes revolve around the failure of the invasion of Normandy and the war dragging on into 1947.  All sides turn to wonder-weapons to win the war and, coupled with occult horrors brought to bear by the Axis and the Allies, the war becomes very strange indeed.  Each nation has sci-fi elements as well as the many occult branches of the various military organizations across the world.  The setting is one of my favorite components of the game and there’s really far too much to go into here, but I encourage any fan of history or weird history or just general weirdness to look into the alternate history Clint has created.
> Many of your models show a tremendous amount of detail, how much historic research went into their design?
Quite a bit.  For all our ‘normal’ models we try very hard to stay true to the uniforms, weapons and appearance of the soldiers of WWII.  We obviously can’t get every detail right – especially with the weird elements mixed in – but we do our best to have our models reflect the fighting men of the war.
> Will you have quickstart rules?
Absolutely.  For the first edition of the games, our QSR was available online as a free download and included in the starter packs.  We will continue that tradition and include the QSR in starter and detachment packs as well as being available as an online download.
> What are the basic mechanics of the game?
It’s a simple d6 mechanic.  Players roll 1d6 and either compare the results to an attribute or add an attribute to the total.
One of the most unique elements of the game is our morale, or Drive, mechanic.  Units have a Drive value that slowly decreases as their detachment suffers casualties.  When a unit’s Drive reaches zero, they rout.  This causes additional Drive penalties in friendly units and creates a cascade effect whereby the entire detachment will run off the battlefield.  These penalties are mitigated by models with the Command ability – officers and sergeants – who will spend action points to boost falling Drive scores.  No rolling involved, just a struggle to constantly keep your men from fleeing the action.  I’m quite proud of this mechanic and I have yet to see another game that uses anything like it.
> How many models will a basic game need?
The game is skirmish-scale, so each player will field a detachment with an average of 10 models.  We’ve seen lists with as few as 3 models and a vehicle or lists with as many as 20 models for a Soviet ‘horde’ detachment.
> What is the average game length supposed to be?
The game plays quite easily in an hour.  Depending on the scenario, some games can be much faster or a bit longer.  But the average play time in around an hour.
> What about the table; what size is the game designed for?
We recommend a 4′ x 4′ table.
> How much terrain does the game use?
Terrain is vital in this game.  We’ve captured the essence of WWII where a soldier in the open is going to get killed.  Players that don’t take advantage of cover will find themselves fighting an uphill battle.  That’s why we recommend a good amount of terrain – a few pieces for every 1′ x 1′ table section.
> Now that the kickstarter is funded are you looking to an expansion yet?   Will we see vehicles?
The core rules have always had vehicles in them and they will be included in the second edition.  The focus will remain on light and medium vehicles; jeeps, halftracks and light armored cars.  We will not be including rules for tanks in this book.
As for expansions, we already have a few things in the pipe.  Due to space/budget we are unable to include a full British Army list in this book, which is something we really regret.  Rest assured that they are first on the list for expansions and we’ll be looking to ’round-out’ Europe before moving on to the Pacific Theater.
Let me know if you have any other questions or any comments.  Thanks Matt!
If you have more questions you can check out the kickstarter on the right hand side of the screen or check them out at Black Ball Games.
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New Dust Tactics Products From Fantasy Flight

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Oct 052012

Dust Tactics: Operation “Hades”

$ 44.95

The fifth campaign expansion for Dust Tactics, Operation “Hades” permits dynamic new play experiences. It introduces rules for subterranean warfare, superhuman soldiers, new skills, and richly detailed information about the city and battleground of Zverograd. It also offers players thirty-one tiles, a Zverograd city poster, a map of the Zverograd metro, six scenarios, and over two dozen objectives to serve as the basis of their own scenarios. Finally, Operation “Hades” marks the arrival of Winter Child, the game’s first superhuman soldier.  Key Selling Points • The fifth campaign expansion for Dust Tactics • Introduces new rules for tense and dramatic underground fighting • Brings to life the war-torn city of Zverograd, the campaign’s setting • Offers six new scenarios and presents players with tools to build their own • Marks the arrival of Winter Child, the game’s first superhuman.

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Archibald Wavell coming in July From Osprey

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Jun 252012

Archibald Wavell

$ 18.95 SRP


Archibald Wavell remains one of the great Allied commanders of the early phases of World War II. In fact, between June 1940 and June 1941, he was the only British theatre commander actively engaging Axis forces. At a time when the British Expeditionary Force had been expelled from Europe, Wavell was conducting campaigns across nine countries and two continents. In those 12 months, he planned and directly oversaw a multitude of campaigns, from the hugely successful winter campaigns against the Italians in the Western Desert and the conquest of Italian East Africa, through the Iraqi revolt, the invasion of Vichy Syria and Lebanon and the ill-fated British involvement in Greece, to the unsuccessful attempts to break the siege of Tobruk that led to his replacement in June 1941. While Wavell’s great victories are often overshadowed by those of other commanders later in the war, this should not detract from his proven abilities as a strategist and tactician. This book tells the complete story of Wavell’s wartime exploits and examines his strengths and weaknesses as a commander. Softcover; July 2012; 64 pages;

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Axis and Allies Angels 20 Starter Set and Boosters February 21st

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Jan 172012

Axis & Allies Air Force Miniatures are here! Dogfight your opponent in this all new air combat game. The Axis & Allies Air Force Miniatures Base Set will contain 30 authentically detailed aircraft miniatures that war gamers and WWII enthusiasts can use to recreate the great air battles of WWII. Pre-painted and assembled, these 1:100 scale aircraft are made of durable plastic and can also be used in the Axis & Allies Army Miniatures game. • All new WWII air combat game that can be used in conjunction with the Axis & Allies Army Miniatures game system. • Highly detailed models in 1:100 scale are pre-painted in historically accurate paint schemes. • Set contains legendary aircraft like the P-51B, Hurricane Mk. I, and the FW 190A.


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New from Wizards of the Coast The Masked Witches (PB)

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Dec 162011

The Masked Witches (PB)

$ 7.99 SRP

Aoth Fezim and his mercenary company have restored their tarnished reputation and attracted new recruits for their depleted ranks. But they still have one big problem. Too many griffon mounts were killed in the battles in Thay Chessenta. If “the Brotherhood of the Griffon” is to be more than a name, new mounts must be found.

As it happens, the masked witches in Rashemen have griffons available to a worthy few who can slay the undead that are committing atrocities throughout the land. Aoth volunteers his band, as do other groups who are in the market for the fighting beasts. But things are not as they seem. Epic battles between rival sellswords, berserkers, and aerial skyships punctuate this whirlwind tale set in a barbaric land of oracles, nature spirits, and talking animals.


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